Quiz: Can You Identify the Famous Author by a Book Title?
Can You Identify the Famous Author by a Book Title?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Are you well read? Then see if you can get your thinking cap on and speed-read your way through this quiz. Stories have captured the imaginations of people around the world for millennia, and many people to this day are fiercely protective of and very much love their books. Great stories contain dazzling highs, dizzying lows and everything in between.

So much can be done with words, and some of the greatest literary minds have been pushing the bounds of imagination for centuries. From romance to war epics to sci-fi innovators, it all began with books. From religious texts to folk tales to fiction, books have changed everything about how we view the world, one another, and what is possible.

From Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde to J.K. Rowling, numerous writers have left their mark on the world throughout the years. We identify with and learn from fictional characters. In fact, studies have shown that reading improves memory, relieves stress, and can even help build empathy. Aside from that old book smell, there is a lot of enjoyment and many benefits to be found from cracking open a book or even just opening up one on your Kindle. If you think you know your famous authors, then get your spectacles on and get literate with this quiz!

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