Quiz: Can You Identify the Farm Equipment From a Brief Description?
Can You Identify the Farm Equipment From a Brief Description?
By: Zoe
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Oh, life on the farm! You've always loved the smell of freshly baled straw, a pasture of grazing cattle and even the sound of a tractor coming to life amidst a quiet morning. But how much do you really know about farm life and the machinery that makes it possible for you to get your fresh milk and eggs in the morning, that sandwich at lunch or a steak for dinner? Farm life is hard, but the benefits are worthwhile. This quiz is all about the machinery that makes life easy for the rest of us. 

From small equipment that cuts down trees and chops up small pieces of wood, to a special type of harvester that is valued upwards of half a million dollars and gets every penny of use out of it. Do you know the name of the most common machinery that can be found on nearly any farm of any size? Can you name the equipment that dairy farmers just can't live without? Do you know the equipment used to dig a ditch, furrow a lane or keep them clear? 

Farm work is some of the most difficult work there is and this equipment is what helps make a hard life a little easier. Take this quiz to see if you can make it on the farm!

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