Can You Identify the Job From These Emojis?

Heather Cahill

With technology only becoming more advanced, the people in this job must be ready for anything. Who are they?

Software developer is more of a blanket term for many specific jobs. Some developers specialize in areas such as mobile, while others focus on testing and debugging. Software ranges from practical and productive to fun and frivolous.

Customer service is a necessary skill for this job. Which of the following is it?

Being good with people will only help you succeed in this job. A polite and welcoming personality can make people feel welcome when they call or visit a place of business. A receptionist gives everyone a good reception.

This job takes "picking your brain" to a new level. Do you know which of the following it is?

Psychologists help us to understand ourselves. Without them, many of us might feel as if we're losing control. They can help us to get to the bottom of our feelings so that we can live better lives.

Anyone who is in a tight spot will want to have one of these professionals by their side. What important job is it?

Lawyers are needed in all types of situations. The job is ever-changing, as people and laws never stay the same. One important part of a lawyer's job is to know the latest legal changes so that they can effectively fight for your rights.

They know all about sight, but they can't see into the future. Who are these insightful professionals?

Optometrists are all about sight and the health of one of our most important sense organs. Chances are that you've visited an optometrist, even if you don't need glasses. We all need to make sure our eyes are healthy, after all!

You're looking at the work of one of these professionals right now! What are they?

When we say "web developers," we're not talking about spiders! These professionals spend their days working on websites and other technologies so that we can navigate them easily upon visiting.

Who is this professional, in charge of what's on our heads and sometimes hands?

Beauticians are great at taking our dreams for our hair and turning them into reality. It can sometimes be a scary job to do, if a client has unrealistic expectations or is unsatisfied with the result. Some beauticians may do your nails as well.

These emojis represent which profession, responsible for education?

School would be nothing without the expertise of teachers. Everyone has a teacher or teachers to thank for the knowledge they've gained in subjects like math, geography and science, useful throughout their lives.

Security is the main concern for the individuals who do this job. Which professional is found in entertainment venues?

Ushers play an important role at events, with duties such as taking tickets and guiding people to their seats. At events, ushers are your friends when things go wrong or when you're lost. They're always around to help.

Multiple languages come easily to anyone in this profession. Which people help you to understand others?

Translators are in demand for many different jobs. Translators work with written words, whereas interpreters make spoken words understandable. Translators and interpreters facilitate communication among organizations, governments and individuals from different cultures.

A large part of this professional's day is spent outside. Do you know what job it is?

Farmers raise their animals and crops to feed the rest of us, so we don't have to be hunters and gatherers. Sometimes farmers show their animals and produce at fairs and competitions, for profit or to enhance their reputation.

Needing an eye for style, which occupation does this series of emojis depict?

Art directors are needed in many different fields, from television to advertising. If you're talented at coordinating the perfect look and feel for things like commercials or magazine spreads, then you might have what it takes to be an art director.

Spending most of the day on the phone, they're often hung up on. Do you know what job this is?

Telemarketers are not often welcome in the homes that they call. The job requires a lot of dedication and determination in order to overcome objections and get a sale or other desired end result.

An expert with clothing may pursue what occupation?

A tailor is the person you need to see if you're getting ready for a big event. They can make that perfect outfit even more perfect than you could have ever imagined. The right fit can make you feel great and give your tailor the satisfaction of a job well done.

Able to build all types of structures, whose job is shown here?

No construction workers would mean no houses, offices or hospitals would be available for our convenience. City skylines would be non-existent. Construction workers do the hard work of building so that we can have a place to relax!

Being polite and helpful is the main task of these professionals. The people doing this job are called what?

Your hotel experience wouldn't be complete without the help of a bellhop. They bring your bags to your room. Don't forget to give them a "thank you" (in the form of cash) when they're done!

Writing comes naturally to an individual in this position. Which job is it?

Authors create the stories that we love to read. They craft words in a way that can move us, make us laugh or even cry. You could call them "word wizards," which would work especially well if they write fantasy novels!

In the realm of medical care, these professionals don't care for humans. What important job is this?

Veterinarians are there for our pets, for both general checkups and emergency treatment. Vets guide us and provide our dogs, cats, gerbils and other animals with medical care so they can live healthy and happy lives.

These pros at transforming their clients have what job title?

Makeup artists can totally transform the appearance of their clients through their art. Of course, this is only a skin deep transformation. But when you feel good, it truly shows through your mood and personality.

Dealing with medication is an everyday occurrence for someone with this job title. Can you name it?

If you've ever had to get a prescription filled, then you've met a pharmacist. In fact, a famous pharmacist was behind one of the most famous soft drinks in the world, Coca-Cola. Luckily, you don't have to go to the pharmacy counter to pick one of those up!

This profession can cause a spark. Which dangerous job is this?

Without electricians, our world would be less bright. When you think about it, electricity is a large part of our everyday lives. Whether we're charging our devices or just appreciating a nightlight in the middle of the night, we have electricians to thank for that convenience and comfort.

Talking is the most important part of this profession. Can you name it?

The job of a radio host is to talk ... a lot. That's not a bad thing, because otherwise, we would not be as entertained or informed while on our way to work, working out or even just relaxing. There's nothing better than getting a laugh at some point during the day. Of course, these days radio hosts must compete against podcasters.

When these professionals are around, it's music to your ears. Who are these crafty people?

A sound engineer is someone you need if you're a recording artist or a director. With their expertise, they can turn sounds from basic to awesome in no time. They know exactly how to make something more appealing or exciting to our ears.

With them, you'll get to where you need to be in no time. Which job is it?

With Uber and Lyft only getting bigger, you may have found yourself calling a taxi less and less. Despite that, there's still something awesome about seeing those yellow cabs driving around and getting people where they need to be.

If you aced math class, you'd do great in this job. Which of the following is it?

Spending most of their days crunching numbers and perhaps working on your taxes, accountants are important professionals to have around. Who else would you call when you're filing those last-minute tax returns and you have a problem?

It's important to know some fun facts about the place you work when doing this job. Can you name this interesting job?

Tour guides get to see some cool things throughout their day, but they also have to know a lot about them. That's so they can guide you through the tour - whether it's a museum, a facility or an entire city - and leave you with more knowledge than you came in with.

Can you name the job, responsible for working with media, that's shown here in emojis?

Video editors can find employment in many areas, since video is all around us these days. For example, television networks and movie studios need those skills. Video editors may also focus on online video content.

Wild animals are a priority for this professional. Who is it?

Zoologists spend their days studying and analyzing wildlife. They are essential to the conservation of the wildlife of the world, going to great lengths to preserve the animals that we have left.

They've always got a new idea that they're turning into reality. Which of the following are they?

Entrepreneurs can change and adapt like no others. They are up on all of the latest business trends and information, and they really know how to take advantage of an opportunity. They don't call it "entrepreneurial spirit" for nothing!

Fame could be right around the corner for people in this profession. Can you name the musical job shown here?

Many aspire to do this job at the top level, but the harsh reality is that it's difficult to be noticed. But being a singer doesn't mean that you have to be the shining star on stage in front of millions. Some singers don't mind being in the background or working in small venues - just being part of the entertainment field.

This individual is part of a stressful but exciting time in many people's lives. Do you know what job they do?

Real estate agents know a lot about homes in the areas where they work. They know how to market property for sellers, as well as how to find the best house and negotiate the best deal for buyers. Of course, they walk you through the entire stressful experience from start to finish.

They keep things moving all around the world, but do you know what their job is?

Part of the system of mail and packages, a delivery driver is responsible for getting your items from central facilities to your doorstep. Though many delivery drivers are local, there are others who travel long distances with mail or packages on their trucks.

They can tell you what to eat and when you should eat it. Who are these healthy professionals?

If you aren't sure about what you should eat, these professionals are ready to advise. They know all about foods that will make you feel your greatest and, you can hope, strategies and recipes to make those foods taste good.

To do this job, you must be good at analyzing and predicting activity in the atmosphere. Do you know what it is?

Meteorologists can help us to predict the future in a way, but only when it comes to the climate. While they do their best to predict accurately, sometimes the weather can change at a moment's notice. Never ignore those tornado sirens!

Anyone who loved English class would be a fan of this job. Which job is shown in emojis here?

Dealing with books might seem like a bore to some people, but to librarians, it's heaven. Often fans of the stories and tales that are kept in their place of work, librarians are usually passionate about their jobs. Ask them for reading recommendations.

If you've got great taste and good eyesight, then you'd succeed in this job. Can you name it?

Jewelers will help you find or design a piece that complements your personality and style - especially important when that special day of proposal rolls around for you and your significant other. But it's always nice to give or receive a little gift!

People skilled in this profession are always in high demand. Do you know which job this is?

Without the kind care of nurses, the world would be a little harder to live in. One of the oldest and most stressful professions in history, the field of nursing is constantly evolving. We have to be thankful that our nurses of the world are up for the challenge to keep us all healthy.

They can create something you might have dreamed of. Who are they?

Architects know their stuff when it comes to creating a space that works for you. Their designs can be for smaller homes or buildings, or even extremely large and elaborate ones. What really matters is that you are satisfied with the finished product and the building is structurally sound.

One branch of emergency services, which professionals do these emojis represent?

Police officers play a very important role in our communities, ready to protect the public from all things, such as crime and other disturbances. If there is ever a problem or you face danger, you know who to call.

Tasked with making your building a little more beautiful, which of the following jobs is shown in these emojis?

There's nothing like walking into a freshly painted home that really captures the spirit of its owners. A painter specializes in making sure the paint job is perfect and exactly the colors that the owner asked for.

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