Quiz: Can You Identify the Top Drag Racers of All Time?
Can You Identify the Top Drag Racers of All Time?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: clickphoto / Pixabay

About This Quiz

Drag racing is certainly a world of speed! No matter what class, a drag racer is a super fast machine, with a massive engine that propels it over a quarter-mile as quickly as possible. And while the machinery is crucial - you're not going to win a drag race in a Volkswagen Beetle - the men and women in the cockpit are just as important. Not only do they have to have nerves of steel, their reaction times can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing in a world where hundredths and even thousandths of a second count!

The sport of drag racing actually originated in California in the 1930s. Hot summers made the dry lake beds the ideal place for racers to test their cars and engines against each other. After the Second World War, racing got a lot more serious and eventually, formal competition started happening all over the United States as racers found ways to get even more power and speed out of the normal engines of the day. In 1951, Wally Parks founded the National Hot Rod Association and everything exploded from there. Today, drag racing is big business and many heroes have been born out on the quarter-mile.

But can you identify them, those from yesteryear and modern day drivers? Good luck!

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