Can You Identify the Truck From a Photo and a Brief Description?

By: Talin Vartanian

The VAZ-2329 is manufactured by AvtoVAZ, which is a Russian car company. The VAZ-2329 pickup trucks typically feature two doors and come in various variations, like the VAZ 2122 Reka and the VAZ-2131.

Believe it or not, the Chevy Colorado pickup trucks were named after Colorado and began production in 2003 in the United States. These trucks are made in Wentzville, Missouri.

The Isuzu D-Max pickup truck is created by the Isuzu Motors company and began production in 2002. Certain variations of this truck are also called the Chevrolet Colorado in various countries.

The Chevrolet Silverado is a popular pickup truck among consumers and is assembled in various states across the U.S. The layout of this pickup truck is a front-engine.

The Suzuki Carry truck features nine generations worth of variations, from 1964 to the present. These are called "Kei trucks," but certain variations have also been produced into microvans.

This type of truck has many other names, such as Forte, but is commonly referred to as the Mitsubishi Triton. These trucks are compact, and some variations are four-wheel-drive.

The Strada is a supermini coupé that features Italian roots with the Fiat company. Assembly began in 1996 with designs by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The Ford Ranger is a midsize truck that features both manual and automatic speed variations, depending on the version. These trucks are produced in a variety of locations, including Silverton, South Africa and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Ford F-150 features 13 generations worth of hard work by the Ford Motor Company. This full-sized pickup truck is quite long in length and features four doors.

The Ford Super Duty features a front-engine layout, as well as four-wheel and rear-wheel drives, depending on the variation. These pickup trucks are still currently assembled, with production dating back to 1999.

The Foton Tunland features a 5-speed manual transmission, as well as a four-door layout. Production for these trucks began in 2011.

The Great Wall Deer was produced in Baoding, Hebei, China beginning in 1996 and featured a 5-speed manual transmission. These pickup trucks featured various body styles like standard double cabin and an extra long double cabin.

The Great Wall Wingle is manufactured by Great Wall Motors in Baoding, China and other places. These trucks feature both 5- and 6-speed manual transmissions.

The Hafei Ruiyi was designed by Pininfarina and is nicknamed the Effa Picape. These trucks feature a 5-speed manual transmission.

Similar to the Honda Vamos, the Honda Acty features a mid-engine layout. These trucks are assembled in the Yachiyo Plant in Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan.

The Honda Ridgeline is a four-door truck that offers sport utility features. These trucks also feature a flat cabin floor and a flat truck bed.

The Hyundai Porter features a front-wheel-drive layout as well as a four-wheel-drive layout, depending on the variation. This truck is related to the Kia Bongo.

This pickup truck was manufactured by the Iranian car company, Iran Khodro. It also features a two-door, front-engine layout.

The Paykan is also called the Chrysler Vogue and the Dodge Husky. This is an Iranian car that was manufactured by Iran Khodro.

The Isuzu D-Max is now called the Holden Colorado, as well as other nicknames, such as the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. This is considered to be a compact pickup truck.

The Kia Bongo is manufactured by Kia Motors, with production dating back to 1980. This is a South Korean truck that is assembled in various places, including Gwangju, South Korea.

The Mazda BT-50 bears some similarities to the Ford Ranger and the JMC Yuhu. This truck is manufactured by Mazda, with production still going on.

Most people refer to the Mercedes brand as a luxury brand, with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class being a luxury pickup truck. The truck features four doors with a spacious interior.

The Mitsubishi Minicab was created in 1966, with variations as a Kei truck and a microvan. This is currently produced in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan.

Created in 1978, the Mitsubishi Triton has Japanese origins and a front-engine layout. The "Forte" was the original name of this truck.

Also known as the Navara, the Nissan Frontier is sold in both two-door and four-door options. These trucks are relatively large in size with a spacious interior.

Created in 2003, the Nissan Titan features both two and four-door styles, as well as a 5-speed automatic transmission. These trucks feature a V8 piston engine.

Current Ram 1500 trucks feature a horsepower range of 305 to 395, as well as an MPG range of 20-25. These trucks are sold in either Quad Cab or Crew Cab styles.

The Chevy Colorado features a front-engine layout, as well as both two-door and four-door variations. These trucks are assembled in Shreveport, Louisiana and São José dos Campos, Brazil.

The Renault Duster Oroch is manufactured by the French car company, Renault, and features a four-door style. The main buying market for this truck, however, is South America.

The Tata Telcoline pickup trucks have Indian origins, with assembly dating back to 1988. These trucks are sold in both two-door and four-door styles.

Chang'an, a Chinese car company, creates the small and light Tiger Trucks. These trucks cannot be driven on highways in the U.S.

The Toyota Tundra truck is manufactured by Toyota and is closely related to the Toyota Tacoma model. The layout of the Tundra model is manufactured in both four-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive layouts.

The Toyota Hilux was created in 1968 and is currently manufactured by a variety of companies, inducing Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Thailand. Eight generations of this truck have been created so far.

Toyota Tacoma trucks are currently created in both Fremont, California and San Antonio, Texas. These trucks are known for their variety of body styles, as well as a bed length of up to 73.2".

This truck features a double-wishbone suspension and both single and double cab door options. Speeds on this truck can go up to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

This truck was created after World War II by Chevrolet, up until 1955. A front-engine layout and a two-door design were features of the Chevrolet Advance Design.

The Chevrolet Task Force was only in production for five years between 1955 and 1960. This old-school truck featured a GMA platform.

The Chevrolet Avalanche is no longer manufactured, but featured similarities to the Cadillac Escalade EXT and the Chevrolet Suburban. Production ended in 2013.

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About This Quiz

Pickup trucks are useful vehicles for holding and transporting a variety of large objects, such as motorcycles, mattresses and heavy tools. Today, we'll take a look at 40 awesome pickup trucks from a multitude of countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea and China.

Pickup trucks typically come in either 2-door or 4-door body layouts, as well as either rear-wheel-drives or four-wheel-drives. While most pickup trucks feature a low miles-per-gallon rate due to their immense size, they are also great for navigating through harsh weather. Some also feature a high horsepower range, while others feature either manual or automatic transmissions. Familiar pickup trucks brands may include Honda, Chevrolet and Ram. Foreign brands are also popular in other countries, such as Fiat, Foton and Namco.

Some trucks are also considered to be full-sized, luxury vehicles with high-end features. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a popular example of this, as well as the Ram 3500 and the Ford F-250.

Today, we've rounded out a list of 40 pickup trucks that vary in size, style and layout. Think you've got what it takes to match the correct pickup truck to the picture? Take this pickup truck identification quiz now to test your knowledge!

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