Quiz: Do You Remember these 1990's Wrestlers' Signature Moves?
Do You Remember these 1990's Wrestlers' Signature Moves?
By: Jodi C.

About This Quiz

'90s wrestling emerged from the decade many considered the dawn of great wrestlers. From Diamond Dallas Page to Hulk Hogan, you revealed in the pomp, lights and glory of '90s wrestling champs and those unknown heroes they pummelled between cage matches. Some wrestlers lived the life of their persona, while others emerged to show off talents that amazed the world - think "The Rock," ahem, Dwayne Johnson. 

You know the wrestlers, you remember the matches, but how well do you remember each wrestler's signature move? Some of these moves are legendary, and many are unique. It's hard enough to remember the hundreds of moves, but who implemented them? That takes a pro who is used to a little rope play. 

Do you remember these moves? The Cactus Elbow, Sweet Chin Music, Mandible Claw or the Widow's Peak? Or, could you figure out which high-flying stunt Macho Man Randy Savage displayed? It was an art form. 

You may have tried these moves at home with your little siblings, or you may have launched yourself from a tree to land a flying elbow drop on a buddy. So, get ready to climb the ropes and let this quiz know who's boss! Then finish it off with a figure-four leg-lock. 

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