Can You Identify These Albino Animals?

Monica Lee

What is the name of this animal that makes a sound like "Hee Haw"?

In order to have an albino donkey, it must inherit one or more defective genes that make it impossible to produce normal amounts of melanin or pigment. Animals lacking this pigment can either be pure or partial albinos, depending on the amount of defects in the inherited genes.

The markings are faint, but it's pretty clear what type of animal it is. What your best guess?

This zebra is leucistic, otherwise if it was an albino, you wouldn't see the faint markings and the eyes would be red. Leucistism is a genetic peculiarity due to a gene, recessive in most cases, which gives a white color to the fur or feathers of animals.

What an amazing photo; what creature is this?

A Louisiana legend says that a white butterfly in the home is followed by a string of good luck. You're having a lucky day indeed if you see this albino monarch butterfly.

What type of albino is this that makes its home in the river?

You can tell it is a catfish even without its coloring due to its prominent barbels, which resemble a cat's whiskers. About 1 in 10,000 animals are born with albinism. The term derives from the Latin word Albus, meaning “white."

What animal is leading the pack?

This albino reindeer is leading the pack. Is this calculated by the others? As the albino reindeer is easier for the wolves to see, giving the others time to escape when wolves approach. However, if there was snow on the ground, the albino would have the advantage.

What do you call this animal that was plentiful on America plains?

Although an albino water buffalo from Indonesia is pictured, the sighting of an albino buffalo or albino American bison was thought to be a sign from Great Spirit (God) to the Cheyenne and Sioux tribes. It was a good omen of wisdom and spiritualism.

Besides "fluff ball" what else do you call this albino animal?

With 305 breeds of domestic rabbits the world over, it's no wonder you'll find a few albinos in the mix. These furry friends clench their facial muscles and change their body position when they are feeling worried. It's important to learn their body language if you're going to have them as pets.

What is this sssscary looking slithering creature?

In snakes, partial albinism is more common than full albinism. Full albinism would show eyes that are red or pink. The reason is the blood vessels inside the eye show through the colored part (the iris), which is no longer colored, and therefore look red.

This reptile is easy to identify. What is it?

Albino turtles tend to have yellowish shells and pink eyes. When it comes to turtles in general, the wood turtle is widely believed to be one of the most intelligent turtles. Now you know.

What's the name of this herbivore?

Some scary creatures can look less scary in white fur. That's true for this huge herbivore that has to eat 9,770 calories a day to keep it's energy up. Unfortunately, during hunting season, the moose is easy to down due to the same white fur.

What is the name of this animal that kind of looks naked without coloring?

According to a majority of the mountain-folk of the Ozarks and Appalachians in the United States, an albino deer was a bad omen. According to their stories, seeing a white deer could foretell death or bad fortune in the near future.

Even though it's cute, what is the name of this frisky animal that might bite your finger when you feed it?

Don't be too surprised if an albino chipmunk bites you; the albinism affects their physical development. The absence of melanin in the eyes results in abnormalities, which often means that they struggle with depth perception.

What is the name of this little mammal that is good at storing nuts for the winter?

Although the chipmunk may have depth perception problems, the albino squirrel has a different type of retina and therefore its eyesight is not as negatively impacted.

You'd be surprised to see this fish in a tank because of its size. What is it called?

Growing to 28 inches, this albino giant gourami is not as affected by its defective gene. This fish, along with other fish, doesn't have melanin in its inner ear, meaning that its hearing is less likely to be affected by albinism than in mammals.

What's the name of this big cat?

Since you can still see faint markings, you know this tiger is leucistic. Unfortunately, this feline will find it difficult to capture prey because it cannot sneak up on it in its blinding white fur. The melanin is needed to provide camouflage.

What's the name of this animal that might not have a wiggle in its waddle due to its albinism?

This is a picture of the only known albino penguin. It is named Snowdrop and was born in 2002 at England’s Bristol Zoo. It looks a little lost without its tuxedo coloring.

What cuddly creature is this?

There is only one documented albino koala, and his name is Onya-Birri. He resides at the San Diego Zoo. Born in 1997, his name means "ghost boy" in the Aborigine language.

This scary animal looks even more evil in white. What is its name?

This sinister, white alligator is a true albino. Notice the red eyes. Alligators are so fast we wonder if the albinism would actually help prey escape or if the quarry would still be snatched by those sharp jaws.

Besides calling it dangerous, what else do you call this reptile?

Do you ever get confused between identifying an alligator or crocodile? The alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts, while crocodile snouts are more pointed and V-shaped. At least it's easy to identify one that's an albino!

What is the name of this beastly beauty that wouldn't fare well in the wild?

Unfortunately for albino lions, the manes around their heads are a visual indication of a good fighter. Because manes darken with age, the older lion has lived through many fights as the victor. In other words, the darker the mane, the tougher the lion.

What is this cutie called?

Adorable and red eyes don't usually go together but with this animal it does. The albino hedgehog is a very shy mammal, which is too bad as its lack of coloring makes it stand out.

Sometimes an albino animal is hard to recognize without the tell-tale color. Can you recognize this one?

Wallabies are easily confused with kangaroos. The most striking difference is their size. While a kangaroo can reach a towering two meters (over six feet tall!), their more petite relatives reach just over three feet.

What do you call this slithering specimen?

The tell-tale hood is how you would recognize this snake without its natural coloring. The cobra's hood is used as a defensive display to make them look bigger and scarier to the predator.

What kind of creature is this that looks like it could use a cuddle?

Being albino makes this baby Rhesus macaque hard to identify. It would be easy if you saw it with its troop. Rhesus macaques are brown primates with red faces and rears. They have close-cropped hair on their heads, which accentuates their expressive faces.

The humps give this one away! What do you call this pack animal?

This two-humped camel in Bayankhongor Aimag, Mongolia is called a Bactrian camel. The humps function the same way whether the camel has one hump or two. The humps store fat which can be converted to water and energy when nutrition is not available.

What do you call this swimming carnivore?

It's unfortunate that you can't see the beautiful iridescence in this albino shark. Iridescent sharks are fast moving, active fish and are not extremely aggressive. In some cases, being albino can negatively affect the animal's immune system.

This creepy crawler is an albino creature. What is its name?

Although a bigger crab is good for eating, the albino crab looks creepy crawling over the rocks. You'll notice they have ten legs, including claws, while the last pair of legs is hidden inside the shell so that only eight legs are visible.

What's the name of this bird you might find in a cornfield?

This is a bird we truly know by its coloring. If it wasn't next to a flock member, you would have a hard time guessing. This is what happens when there is an absence of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is involved in the synthesis of melanin.

Can you put a name to this bird that has a tuft or cowlick?

Melanin is present in two forms: Eumelanin, a brown-black pigment responsible for dark color) and phaeomelanin, the red pigment responsible for yellow-light coloring. However, in this albino crested pigeon, there is an absence of both.

This furry friend is easier to name when it's not albino, but can you do it?

In albinism, the enzymes that would normally produce melanin are completely inactive. This albino mammal then is the result of a random mutation.

This sleek-looking bird might talk your ear off. What is its name?

Although it looks like an albino, leucistic birds like this can have normal colored eyes, legs, feet, and bills. Ringneck Parrots are very intelligent birds that can learn up to 250 words.

This animal is a delicacy in Peru. Besides calling it dinner, what other name would you call it?

With the red eye, you know it's an albino. Don't be surprised if this cavy, or guinea pig, shows up on dinner plates in America; this food trend is catching on.

What is the name of this bird that normally sports a remarkable green iridescent plumage on its head?

Known for its beautiful plumage, this male duck can be found in the Northern Hemisphere throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Note the red eye, a sure sign of albinism.

Go ahead and trumpet it; you know the name. What is it?

This albino elephant must protect itself from sunburn as there is no pigment in its skin to protect it. Even though we think of elephants with thick skin, behind the ears, by the eye, on the abdomen, chest and shoulders it is as thin as paper.

What do you call this commonly seen and used albino animal?

Ever wonder why lab rats are always albino? Having a fairly high degree of genetic similarity within a given rat strain can mean greater consistency in experimental results.

What is the name of this fish that is a large member of the minnow family?

Chinese Grass Carp are herbivorous fish that have been purposely introduced into many Florida lakes and ponds to control aquatic weed growth. The red eye and the almost transparent body is an indication of the albinism.

What a unique looking bird, especially when all in white. What is it?

Even though the peacock is known for its colorful feathers, when it is an albino you can really see how delicate and intricate the feathers are. They look like lace.

This creepy crawler is beautiful as an albino. What is it?

This itsy bitsy spider looks less intimidating when it's an albino. Although this spider will quickly be spotted by its prey due to its lack of pigment, it shows up beautifully against flowers.

What do you call this reptile that knows how to shake its tail feathers ... er... skin?

The rattle can't be mistaken on this western diamondback rattlesnake. Once you hear that signature sound, move away quickly and hope you have fang-proof boots.

You may say "eek!" but that's not its name. What do you call it?

Used in lab experiments, white albino mice help us learn everything: from side effects to behavior modification and cooperation to advance our scientific knowledge.

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