Quiz: Can You Identify These Animals That Live in Trees?
Can You Identify These Animals That Live in Trees?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Wiki Commons via Steve from washington, dc

About This Quiz

It's one thing to play in a tree house, but it's another thing to call a tree your house! Well that's exactly what these animals do! And we want to know ... do you think you can recognize them all from a single photo? It's time to find out!

Did you know that arboreal animals are all around us? And we're not just talking about the birds tweeting outside our windows. Really, all around the world! From Australia to Asia, from the rain forests to the woods we hike on Saturdays! Arboreal animals may come in all shapes and sizes, but a few characteristics give them common ground, or should we say, common branch!

So what are these characteristics? Well, most tree-dwellers have elongated limbs, and sometimes tails, that help them swing from branch to branch. Most of them have flexible feet and joints that allow them to hook on to the bark. And don't you forget those claws! Claws and adhesive pads - think frogs and geckos - help these tree creatures get a good grip as they navigate their way home! So are you ready to take this quiz all the way home or will you fall out of that tree? 

Try your luck now with this ultimate arboreal animal quiz!

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