Quiz: Can You Identify These Animals That Start With the Letter ‘S’?
Can You Identify These Animals That Start With the Letter ‘S’?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Pixabay / TomaszProszek

About This Quiz

Earth is filled with many amazing and wondrous creatures. They live on land, in trees, fly in the sky and also inhabit the oceans where daily, they fight life and death battles to survive. And the dangers are not just other animals. It's humans who have brought many species to threatened and even extinct status.

There are many different kinds of animals around the world, but today we will be focusing on one particular area. Those that begin with the letter "S." And as you might expect, there are plenty. In dog species alone, there are over 100, some of which we have never heard of. Shepweiler, anyone?

But don't worry, this quiz takes on more than just dogs. We have animals from across the planet, from every type of environment and biome. All you have to do is identify them. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, some will be while others might have you putting on your thinking cap. Rest assured, you will have plenty of fun trying to figure them all out.

So what are you waiting for! Let's see just how many animals starting with "S" you can get right!

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