Can You Identify These Animals That Start With the Letter ‘S’?

Robin Tyler

This animal is of avian variety and some are even protected under order of the Queen of England. What are they?

Related to geese and ducks, swans are omnivores. Sadly, due to pollution and other factors, these majestic birds are actually a threatened species. Interestingly, swans are protected by in England by order of the Queen.

Noted for their slow movement, what animal is shown in this image?

Sloths are true to their name: slow-moving, at least on land. Surprisingly, they are skilled swimmers, and much speedier in the water than they are on land. In fact, sloths move so slowly, that some have algae growing on them, giving their fur a green tinge. You can find them across Latin and South America.

Careful for its mouth! This animal is only found in North America. Do you know what it is?

Snapping turtles are divided into two species: the common snapping turtle and the alligator snapping turtle. Currently a threatened species, these turtles are omnivores and can live to around 30 years old. Snapping turtles are more likely to bite humans who pick them up during the breeding season. This is when they are found on land.

Know for their ability to chase off predators within their own defense mechanism, which animal is featured in this image?

Also known as a polecat, a skunk might be cute to look at, just don't get close. Skunks are able to shoot a foul-smelling liquid from their rear end which they use to scare off any predators. Luckily, skunks warn of an impending attack by turning their rear to the target, lifting their tails and stamping their feet. Of the 11 skunk species in the world, most are found in North America.

This large aquatic creature was the inspiration for Moby Dick. What is it called?

Did you know the sperm whale gets its name from a waxy liquid which is located in its head? These massive creatures grow up to 60 feet in length and live between 50 and 70 years. Interestingly, adult male sperm whales have the biggest brains out of any creature on earth. A sperm whales brain can weigh up to 17 pounds.

What is the name of the primate found in this image?

The spider monkey is found throughout South America. It is an omnivore and can grow to about 20 inches tall and weigh up to 26 lbs. Spider monkeys are quick and can travel at up to 35 mph. Did you know that spider monkeys play an important part in seed dispersion?

These birds are found in woodlands all over the world. What are they called?

Weighing just 42 g and growing around 7 inches with an 8-inch wingspan, sparrows are small birds. There are over 140 species of sparrow, but the bird is easily identified thanks to its rounded head and small size. Although they certainly are not water birds, sparrows can swim if necessary and us this as a way to flee predators.

Can you name this domesticated animal which provides meat and wool?

We all love sheep, don't we? Sheep are farmed for their meat and wool all over the world. Interestingly, of the 1,300 species of sheep around the world (totaling 1 billion animals), only 200 are domesticated. And the first animal ever to be cloned in a laboratory? Yes, that was a sheep and it was named Dolly.

This mammal is only found on the north and eastern coastline of the Pacific ocean. Which animal with "S" is it?

The largest member of the weasel family, sea otters grow to 59 inches in length and weigh up to 100 lbs. Although they are omnivores, they prefer eating various shellfish, up to 40 different species in fact. Sea otters are certainly not picky eaters! Sea otters will fall asleep holding hands with other sea otters to ensure they don't drift apart.

Whoa! That's an ugly fish! Do you know its name?

Mostly found in the Indian and Pacific oceans, scorpion fish live in coral reefs. Their sting is used to hunt their prey and to protect themselves from predators. These fish can live up to 15 years. Getting stung by a scorpion fish can mean excruciating pain for up to 12 hours thanks to their neurotoxic venom. In some cases, especially in the elderly or young children, death can occur.

What a cutie! Any idea what this "S" animal's name is?

Ahhh! Just look at those cute eyes! Don't be fooled, you don't want to go near a sea lion unless you know what you doing! Although they have flippers, sea lions can shuffle around on land. They can grow up to 11 feet in length and weigh up to 1,000 lbs. Interestingly, although you find sea lions in oceans around the world, you won't find them in the North Atlantic, despite favorable conditions. And scientists don't know why!

Careful, not only does this animal look dangerous, some are deadly poisonous. What is it called?

Scorpions are found all over the world. They are from the arachnid family and have eight legs, as well as two pincers. Their most feared weapon, however, is their stinger. Strangely, smaller scorpions are the deadly ones, possessing powerful poison to kill their prey with. Scorpions are masters of survival and can live for a year without food!

What a beaut! What dog breed starting with "S" is this?

Saint Bernard's originated in Switzerland. Primarily a rescue dog, they can grow up to 40 inches in length and weigh close to 200 lbs. They are extremely loyal and very good with children.

This animal has over 700 different species! Can you pick it out from the list below?

Salamanders are from the amphibian family. Although there are over 700 different species, they are noted for their slender body, long tail, and four legs. A salamander has the ability to regenerate body parts, such as its tail. Some species of salamander have tongues that are up to 10 times as long as their body!

Sadly extinct, this beautiful creature would have been an impressive sight. Can you name it?

Sabre-Tooth Tigers roamed the Americas many, many centuries ago. Noted for their extremely long incisors, these carnivores were the apex predator of their day. Interestingly, they are not related to modern day tigers at all and only were found in North and South America.

Can you name this slithery animal?

Snakes are found throughout the world. In fact, there are over 3,600 species! Snakes come in various lengths and sizes but have one thing in common, they have no legs! Although most are non-venomous, some snakes have a deadly poison that can kill humans in a matter of minutes. Some snakes, like the spitting cobra, can project their venom by 'spitting'.

Please identify the creature starting with "S" in this image.

Sand lizards are found throughout Europe and in some parts of eastern Asia. Sadly, their population numbers are on the decline and this species is protected in both Britain and Europe. Interestingly, the male will have his skin turn from dark brown to bright green during the mating season. This helps him to attract the fairer sex.

Can you name this animal which was only discovered for the first time in the 1990s?

The Saola is one of the newest animal finds on our planet. An antelope species, they live in the forests of Vietnam and Laos. Sadly, it is estimated that only around 250 exist. Saolas were only discovered in 1992 when the remains of an animal were found. The first live saola was caught on film for the first time in 1999.

Found in the waters of the Pacific, near Australia in particular, what is the name of this fish?

Sea dragons are interesting looking fish, that is for sure! In fact, they are very similar looking to seahorses. Although they grow only to around 12 inches in length, fitting to their name, sea dragons are carnivores. Thanks to their spiky fins and excellent camouflage, sea dragons have no predators.

This animal is unable to move and sits on the ocean floor. Any ideas as to what it is called?

Over 3,000 species of sea squirt exist in oceans around the world. Depending on the species, they can grow up to 12 inches long. Sea squirts can live up 30 years long and come in a range of colors. These fascinating animals feed on plankton. They also form colonies on the sea floor.

Any ideas as to the name of this African cat beginning with an "S"?

Found through much of Africa, the serval is a cat species with long, rounded ears. It also has long limbs and although related to the caracal, it is often mistaken for a cheetah. A carnivore, this cat mainly eats birds, frogs, and rodents. Thanks to their long legs, servals can jump as high as 3.6 meters in the air and have been known to catch birds in flight.

Luckily these ugly creatures are small and live in the sea! What are they?

Shrimps belong to the crustaceans family and are found in oceans around the world. There are over 2,000 species of this invertebrate in the oceans of the world. Shrimps are omnivores. Of course, some species are seen as food for humans with Americans eating over one billion pounds a year.

What is the name of the sea animal found in this image?

Sea Slugs are often mistaken for marine flora thanks to their bright colors and the fact that they don't move very much. Living near coral reefs, these creatures feed on plankton. There are 3000 species of sea slug with some having the ability to live off the suns energy using the process of photosynthesis, much like plants.

Can you please identify the creature starting with "S" in this image?

One of the oldest breeds of cats on Earth, the Siamese originated in what is now modern-day Thailand. They were first introduced into the West in the early 1900s. Siamese are extremely intelligent cats and are known to 'talk' through various vocalizations, particularly with their owners.

This colorful fish has a bit of a temper! What is it?

These fish are a favorite for home aquariums around the world. They originate in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. A carnivorous species, these fish are very aggressive. Did you know that these fish are able to breathe air, thanks to the fact that they evolved a labyrinth organ? This was due to the fact that the waters they lived in Siam were not fast moving and provided little oxygen.

What a beautiful creature! Do you know the name of this dog breed?

The Siberian husky is a beautiful animal! Able to operate in extreme cold, they are used as sled dogs in areas where extreme snow hampers transport. Husky's can weigh as much as 60 lbs!

Any idea as to the name of this shimmering beauty?

The silver dollar is a freshwater fish found in rivers around South America. It gets its name from its glimmering, shiny appearance. It is a popular fish for home aquariums.

Found in gardens around the world, which "S"creature features in this image?

Earth houses over 1,000 species of snail. These are broken into three groups: those that live on land, those that live in fresh water and those that live in the sea. Snails are known for their protective shells in which they retract their body when threatened. Some snails interestingly have hairy shells. These species often live in humid conditions and it is thought the hair helps them to move easier.

Do you know the name of this interesting animal shown here?

No, not a snake. And not a worm either. A slow worm is actually a legless lizard! Often thought to be snakes, these interesting animals are found in Europe and Asia. They use their muscles to move around. Certainly one of the stranger creatures found on our planet.

Tell us the name of this beautiful avian creature, please.

The snowy or arctic owl is found through the northern reaches of the world. Birds can grow up to 30 inches tall and have a wingspan of 65 inches. This makes them one of the bigger owl species. Snowy owls are not frightened of anything and have even been observed attacking arctic wolves.

Can you please identify the creature starting with "S" in this image?

Stingrays are beautiful creatures indeed. With their massive "wings" they fly through the oceans of the world. Closely related to sharks, there are around 220 species of stingray on Earth. A ray will protect itself using a poisonous barb in its tail. It was one of these that fatally wounded TV nature personality, Steve Irwin.

What is the name of this domesticated cat?

With its origins in Africa - the name is a dead giveaway - the Somali is a breed of long-haired Abyssinian cat. This cat species became very popular from the 1950s onwards, mainly because they shed very little hair.

Often seen clambering up and down trees in domestic areas, what animal is this?

Squirrels are found all over the world. They are part of the same family (Sciuridae) that small rodents belong to. Squirrels come in all shapes and sizes from the pygmy squirrel which is only five inches long to the Indian giant squirrel which is three feet long!

Sadly,, this species is high endangered. What is it?

Also known as the Amoy, there are sadly not many of the South China Tiger left in the wild. This predator is much smaller than its other Tiger cousins. Sadly, deforestation and hunting mean their numbers have dropped dramatically.

Not very pretty but do you know what it is?

The spadefoot toad is found in North America and Europe. Strangely enough, in North America, they live in deserts. They manage this by spending most of their time underground, only coming to the surface at night after rains or when the temperature drops.

What is this animal called, the only surviving species of its kind in South America.

Spectacled bears live in the western part of South America. Here they live off berries, insects, small rodents and occasionally cattle. They are able to climb trees very quickly. While in the trees, these animals will use twigs and branches to build platforms where they will sleep and rest.

Some people have a real fear of these creatures! What is it?

Spiders are some people's nightmares! There are over 45,700 spider species in the world today. Belonging to the arachnid family, spiders have eight legs and fangs with which they inject venom into their prey although one species, Bagheera Kiplingi is actually a herbivore.

Are you able to identify this beautiful animal for us?

Sadly endangered, snow leopards are found in central and southern Asia. They mainly live up in the mountains and are able to withstand the cold thanks to their thick coat which insulates them. Snow leopards can jump up to 50 feet in a single leap!

A truly magnificent ocean dweller, what fish is pictured here?

The swordfish is characterized by its long sharp bill which resembles a thing rapier-like sword. These migratory fish are found in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans where they hunt their prey. Interestingly, they have the ability to heat their eyes and brains because of the depths they swim. This helps improve their vision. They are only 22 fish species able to do this.

Can you please identify the creature starting with "S" in this image?

Squids, from the cephalopod family are sea dwellers. They have long bodies, two tentacles, and eight other arms. Although they are soft-bodied, they do have a pen-shaped skeleton. This is made of chitin. Squids will release ink into the water if threatened. This helps them escape. Squid ink is sometimes used in cooking as a flavoring.

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