Quiz: Can You Identify These Birds From a Close-Up of Their Feathers?
Can You Identify These Birds From a Close-Up of Their Feathers?
By: Chelsea
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Feathers are growths that cover animals like birds and even some forms of dinosaurs. While some of them aren't very bright, they're all pretty distinct, which helps us humans identify them. Are you enough of a bird watcher or bird fan to identify these babies by a close up picture of their feathers?

Not only do feathers provide beauty, they're also very functional. For one, they help birds fly. Although not all birds can fly, those who can make use of their feathers to do so. An unconventional use of feathers that not many birds have is for hearing. Owls have face feathers that are able to collect sound and channel them into their ears so they can better locate animals at night. 

Another function of these beautiful feathers is that they provide insulation from the cold, as well as from water. Birds are known to use fallen feathers to help insulate their nests as well. The last very important feature that they aid in is waterproofing. Some birds have feathers that are made from beta-keratin, a substance that is both wear and water-resistant. 

Now that you know what they're meant to do, can you correctly guess which feather pattern goes with which bird? 

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