Quiz: Can You Identify These Bolts, Nuts and Screws?
Can You Identify These Bolts, Nuts and Screws?
By: Monica Lee
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

If you're a handyman or handywoman, it's intuitive. You see the problem and you know what type of tools you need to fix it. Whether a bolt, nut or screw, you know the fastener that will work to make the repair secure. But for those just putting on the DIY hat, there are a few hints that can help when choosing from a wall of nuts and bolts in a hardware store. 

First, know that fasteners can be divided into a category or by kind of fastener, such as drive type and head style. Working with wood or metal? Then you know from the category that you'll need wood screws or sheet metal screws. When it comes to head style, even a beginner knows whether to purchase the most common Phillips screws or slotted head screws for antiques.  

Some other cheat sheet notes: Generally, the length of fasteners is measured from the surface of the material to the end of the fastener. And of course those threaded fasteners used in a tapped hole will have a published thread count so you know how fine the threads are for that particular brand.

So whether you are a seasoned handyman or beginning the DIY effort, take this quiz and learn about all the nuts, bolts and screws available for your next project. You're not going to screw up. Go ahead, take the quiz now. 

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