Quiz: Can You Identify These British Monuments?
Can You Identify These British Monuments?
By: Kennita Leon
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Britain is full of monuments that span its 5,000-year history. They include ancient stone monuments where people worshiped pagan gods, and meeting places where tribal societies gathered. They are castles with strong defenses: curtain walls, mighty turrets, and arrow slits instead of windows, that were truly able to withstand a long siege and dominate a region. They are stately homes, constructed from the period of Queen Anne until now, where peace has generally been prevalent throughout most of the British Isles (notwithstanding some rebellions that happily didn't destroy too much of the nation's architectural heritage). They are theaters, parks, gardens, universities and memorials.

Some of these were built before the modern nation came about, and some of them gathered - sometimes through gifts or purchases, sometimes through what we might call less amenable methods - from various nations around the world. Some of these were saved from destruction or discovered by explorers and archaeologists, and some were looted. Some were commissioned by wealthy men and women who wanted to give back to the public and provide places of recreation or education, and some were built after a public consultation and funded by donations, the lottery, or grants from organizations and foundations. Some of them have become the most recognizable structures in the world. So let's see how well you know them!

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