Quiz: Can You Identify These Capitol Buildings From Around the World?
Can You Identify These Capitol Buildings From Around the World?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Factopedia

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Can you work within the law to show this quiz what you're made of!

Capitol buildings serve as home to what are known as "legislatures"; assemblies that hold significant political and judicial authority in a country.  In some countries like the United States they are known as a congress, while in other countries like the United Kingdom they are known as a parliament. This quiz deals with a mixture of both, from a wide array of countries of all sizes and political types, from all around the world. 

Regardless of what they are called, these governing bodies usually perform similar duties; however, they may not hold the same general level of authority in the country that they call home, compared to the congresses and parliaments of other countries. However, one thing that remains constant is the fact that these legislatures will usually have a capitol building to call their home. In the case of some countries (especially European ones) their capitol building is a renovated palace or castle; while other countries have neoclassical or renaissance styled buildings that were specifically made to house their legislature (for example the United States Capitol).

 So, are you going to follow the law perfectly and ace this quiz? Then c'mon, lets get started!

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