Quiz: Can You Identify These Cars from the Rear?
Can You Identify These Cars from the Rear?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Getty Images

About This Quiz

It's true. 

In today's modern world, so much is placed on looks. For actors and actresses, the more beautiful the better. What about models? Even the things we buy, television sets, watches, appliances, furniture - you name it and the more stunning it looks, the more likely it is to sell.

That's just how the world is. 

And with cars, it is no different, really. That's what car designers strive for. Sure, a family sedan is never going to have the looks of a sports car such as a Ferrari, but that doesn't mean the designers don't try to pack every ounce of beauty and looks into the practicality of it all. 

The truth is, that is important for some people and they will buy a car with that in mind. 

But let's cut to the chase. When are we closest to other cars? Yes, that's right. On the daily commute to work. And what part of the car do we see most of? The rear end, correct! 

The slow crawl to and from work in peak hour traffic each day means we look at cars' rears more than any other part of them. So let's see if you can identify the car from its rear end. And we have included a range here, from the beautiful to the ... let's say more practical (instead of ugly)!

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