Quiz: Can You Identify These Common Auto Maintenance Mistakes?
Can You Identify These Common Auto Maintenance Mistakes?
By: Justin Cupler
Image: da-kuk / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Spending a little money now in maintenance can keep your vehicle running in top shape for as long as possible, which spares you from big repair expenses down the road. Things like changing your oil, rotating tires, having regular regular alignments performed and even changing your car's brake fluid can all play a role in saving you money in the long run.  That oil change you skip now can cost you 10 times as much down the road.

The problem with maintenance is not many car owners are automotive experts, and this lack of expertise can lead to big-time mistakes that can cause damage or waste precious dollars. Understanding what's right and wrong when maintaining your vehicle can save you cash now and keep you from causing more damage than good. Things like overtightening bolts, missing important steps and simply not adding the right fluids can all cause money-draining damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, these issues are all avoidable with a little research and some automotive know-how. 

Do you think you've got the automotive knowledge to identify the common car maintenance mistakes most amateurs encounter? Take this quiz to find out if you can identify common maintenance mistakes. 

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How often should you rotate your tires?
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What is the best soap for washing a car?
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The most important early-spring maintenance item in cooler climates is…
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