Can You Identify These Disney Characters From a Drunk Description?

Lauren Lubas

She's a jealous pixie who throws fits when she doesn't get attention. Can you name her?

If you re-watch "Peter Pan" (1953), you suddenly realize that Tinkerbell is kind of a mean person. She hates Wendy for stealing Peter's attention, and Peter even locks her in a drawer. She's pouty and rude, but her character has changed quite a bit since then.

Can you tell us the name of the skinny boy who gets life lessons from his talking stuffed animals?

Christopher Robin is a curious young boy with a good imagination throughout every "Winnie the Pooh" movie. He asks a lot of questions and loves to learn, and he always tries to help when he can.

Which three brothers have a bunch of uncles and absent parents?

Huey, Dewey and Louie are the adventurous nephews of both Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. While their mother makes an appearance or two (with a couple of different names), they are mostly without parents.

This dude refuses to grow up ... so much so that he flies to a special land to avoid reality. Do you know who he is?

Peter Pan is the ultimate Toys-R-Us kid. He doesn't want to grow up, because he thinks it's dull. He then takes three children on a journey to a place where you never age and shows them how awesome it is to be a kid and live in a treehouse (and be in constant danger).

She wears a yellow dress and has Stockholm syndrome. Who is she?

We all love "Beauty and the Beast" (1991). We get to see a girl who wants more than she has, but she doesn't want more stuff. She actually just wants more intelligent people surrounding her. No wonder she identified with a hairy beast who owned a huge library.

This animal is unable to digest clocks and scares villains. Can you name him?

Captain Hook is dead set on killing Peter Pan (who thinks it's all a game). However, there is one thing that scares the captain, and that is the crocodile who ate his hand (and a clock). When he hears the sound of Tic Toc, he runs for his life.

Who is this player who falls desperately in love with a rich girl?

"Lady and the Tramp" (1955) was an excellent movie about what it's like to be a dog. Even the human characters are revealed to us through the dog's eyes, as we rarely get glimpses of their faces, and they are all filmed from the lower perspective.

Who is the red-headed, half-fish, angsty teen?

If you ever revisit "The Little Mermaid" (1989), you start to see things from King Triton's perspective. His 16-year-old daughter wants to grow legs so she can date a boy. It's a pretty intense movie when you think about it.

This crab has control issues, but he sings catchy songs. Who is he?

There is nothing more frightening than watching a French chef begin to prepare Sebastian to be cooked and eaten. Luckily, Sebastian makes a narrow escape, but this scene makes it clear that he is looking out for Ariel's best interests.

She's a drastic misrepresentation of the historical figure, and her hair is a gross misrepresentation of what happens when it's windy. Who is she?

If you think Pocahontas's hair in the wind actually looks like that, you are sadly mistaken. Anyone who has been in a car with the windows open knows better. However, Pocahontas did teach us to love the Earth.

This overbearing cricket is NOT Pinocchio's dad! What's his name?

Jiminy is a great character that is representative of Pinocchio's conscience. However, he does get a little pushy when he's trying to save Pinocchio. Sure, the intentions are good, but he has terrible delivery.

Happy and (literally) bright character with blue hair. Do you know who we're talking about?

"Inside Out" (2015) is an original fantasy movie that includes exciting characters that live in a little girl's head. They are all of her emotions. It is a great way to explain to children how your feelings work.

An animal with big dreams and bigger ears; do you know who it is?

In 1941, "Dumbo" gave us hope that we could achieve whatever we wanted. Even though physics and the laws of nature are against Dumbo, he eventually flies anyway, because anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

You know he's evil because he has yellow and green eyes (duh!). Oh, and he is based on a "Hamlet" character! What's his name?

Scar is pretty much the master of evil. He plots to kill his brother and nephew without even batting an eye. Instead of enjoying life and hanging out, he wants power ... all of the power. However, we learn that he is no match for Mufasa, as Scar got the brains and Mufasa got the strength.

Can you name this character, if we tell you that he's pretty happy for a dude who keeps getting his head stuck in honey pots?

Winnie the Pooh is always about positivity. Whether he's just run out of the last bit of honey in his cupboards or his friend Eeyore is having a gloomy day, Pooh Bear is always showing us the brighter side of things.

Which character from "Inside Out" (2015) is pretty much Drop Dead Fred, but cuter?

Bing Bong is one of the greatest, yet most tragic, characters in Disney films. He represents a young child's imagination disappearing and being forgotten. Poor Bing Bong is fun-loving, but his girl is growing up.

Which character is a dumb chicken that isn't really dumb?

Hei-Hei is one of the most genius characters around. While most Disney princesses have animal guides that are cute and smart, Hei-Hei basically just helps Moana on accident ... and he's only there because Pua is afraid of boats after Moana almost kills him.

This cowboy is the leader of the toys, but he's kind of a jerk in his first movie. Who is he?

Woody is a fan favorite (especially for the "Toy Story" lovers out there), but in the first movie, he was somewhat self-serving. He even goes so far as to trick Buzz into returning home with him, so he doesn't have to face backlash from the other toys.

Who is this neurotic anthropomorphic animal obsessed with his pocket watch?

"No time to say 'hello,' goodbye!" If you've ever tried to get three kids ready for school in the morning, chances are you may have felt a little bit like the white rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland" (1951).

A dog for a babysitter? Sounds good to us. What's her name?

There is nothing more endearing than having a giant St. Bernard dog babysit your children. Sure, it's dangerous and pretty much a form of child abuse, but it works in the movie and the book, so who are we to judge?

He's a helicopter dad, under water. Do you know who he is?

Marlin lost his wife and all of his children except Nemo. It was no wonder that he had rules for his son in order to keep him safe. Of course, when Nemo breaks those rules, we see the true consequences of his actions.

This kid is literally not afraid of anything except Steve Buscemi. What's her name?

We all know how wonderful Sully and Mike are to watch in "Monsters, Inc" (2001), but it's Boo who steals the show and teaches the monsters that they will get more energy if they make children laugh rather than scream.

She's that one villain that gets annoyed because she isn't invited to a birthday party. Can you name her?

Though we get a little bit of background story in her self-titled films, when we first encounter Maleficent, we think that she curses Princess Aurora, because she wasn't invited to a party. She gets back at them, though.

Can you name this six-legged alien puppy?

Stitch is wild and free, and he is the perfect pet for Lilo (who is also wild and free). While this movie embraces childhood and creativity through hard times, it also shows us that people don't have to be blood-related to be family.

This chick literally made a dress out of ice. Who is she?

Elsa is an ice seamstress, we suppose. She was done with her normal clothes, and during her signature song, decided to make a really pretty dress (although, it must have been really cold).

Do you recognize this toy-torturing "Toy Story" neighbor kid?

If you never thought that your toys had personalities and came to life when you weren't looking, you may have been a little like Sid Phillips (alright, you probably didn't blow your toys up). He was cruel, but he got his comeuppance.

Cat named after Satan who lives up to his name. Who is he?

Lucifer is Lady Tremaine's cat. You have to know that you're a villain if you name your cat after the devil, but Lady Tremaine didn't seem to mind being the villain in this movie (until the end, of course).

Who is this delusional, self-involved Hawaiian dude?

When we first meet Maui in "Moana" (2016), he's ready to receive his praise from all of the humans. He never once thought that if humans really worshiped him, they would have found him earlier, but that's because he was a bit arrogant.

Weird soul-stealing octopus-witch. Do you know her name?

Ursula may be one of the most frightening Disney villains around. She is bold and beautiful ... oh, and she collects people's souls. Ursula is what happens when Rumpelstiltskin and Satan conceive a child.

Which character is named after Italian food and cooks French food?

Geeky and anxious Alfredo Linguini seems like a screw-up, but when he has a rat in his head teaching him how to cook, he actually succeeds in the restaurant business, impressing a stern food critic.

What is the name of this evil queen with a five-head?

Obviously, The Queen of Hearts has a digitally altered head to make her look even more obscure. She's wicked and vile, and portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter (she always plays a good crazy lady).

She's that one princess that actually has tangles in her hair. Can you name her?

Wild and vibrant Merida has one thing most Disney princesses lack — the need for a comb. Disney finally got natural hair right with this wild redhead. It may have been big, and it may have been wild, but her hair was perfectly awesome.

Who is this uppity jerkface religious dude from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1996)?

Claude Frollo is the Archdeacon of Notre Dame. He's kind of a jerkface, and you can tell that he's a bad guy because of the bone structure in his face (it's not science ... it's Disney animation).

Uptight owl who is sick of Merlin's BS. What's his name?

Archimedes is a very stern owl who doesn't have time to play games, while Merlin is a free-spirited wizard who can't wait for plumbing to be invented. "The Sword in the Stone" (1963) gives us these two wonderful characters.

This octopus can no longer be called an octopus because he doesn't have octo-pi. What is his name?

The character Hank is even called a Septopus in the movie "Finding Dory" (2016). He's a pretty grumpy character, but his heart softens rather quickly after meeting Dory.

Do you know the character that lives up to his stereotype until he is put in an odd situation?

"Zootopia" (2016) tackles some of the toughest societal topics that many production companies won't touch with a ten-foot pole. These topics include stereotypes, racism and inequality. It is an intense movie.

Big dude who wears a loincloth on his head ... what's his name?

"The Emperor's New Groove" (2000) was a fascinating Disney movie that broke the Disney formula up. Characters change and grow so much, and there is a lot of tension throughout. Pacha is one of the most interesting characters as he's even-tempered.

He may be the dumbest prince in Disney history. Can you name this completely clueless prince with a V-neck?

Alright, maybe sign language wasn't invented at the time "The Little Mermaid" (1989) takes place, but come on ... how do you not remember or even get an inkling that this redhead is the one who saved your life?

Princess, no dress, really long hair. What's her name?

Jasmine is pretty close to the typical late-'80s, early-'90s Disney princess. She is bored with traditions and is sick of watching her father trying to force her to begin a life without love. However, she is one of the first Disney princesses who is ready to get her hands dirty.

Can you name this dead guy who makes children like skeletons?

"Coco" (2017) is an excellent movie about Mexican culture and family. It features skeletons that aren't scary at all to little children ... but mostly because they sing and dance and love each other.

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