Quiz: Can You Identify These Famous Football Plays from an Image?
Can You Identify These Famous Football Plays from an Image?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Via Inside the Pylon

About This Quiz

Red five. Eighty-five, 686 Pump F-Stop on two; hut… hut… HIKE! Are you ready for this hard hitting quiz?

Football (or as it is known officially, “gridiron football” or “American football”) is by far the most popular sport in the United States. The sport itself is formally well over a hundred years old, with the first game being played in November of 1869 – between Princeton and Rutgers. However, at this time the game was actually very similar to soccer in terms of rules. 

It wasn’t until about a decade later that the concepts that we are familiar with today emerged; like the snap and downs. This change is due largely to Walter Camp, a player and coach who is unanimously regarded as the “Father of American Football." In this gridiron quiz, we are taking a look at the strategic side of the sport – the plays that can mean the difference between a stunning success or a disgraceful defeat.

Football sometimes gets a bad rap for being a “dumb” sport that is only played by muscle-headed jocks, but this is simply not true. The amount of tactics that goes into the plays in football, especially on the fly during a game, is unlike the level of strategy that can be found in any other team sport in the world.

So, are you just a towel boy; or do you think that you have what it takes to call plays with the best of them? C’mon, let’s get into this quiz and find out!

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