Quiz: Can You Identify These Farm Animals?
Can You Identify These Farm Animals?
By: Kennita
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About This Quiz

The history of farming goes back to the hunter-gatherer period, as people became organized and domesticated plants and animals. The evidence for full-blown agriculture dates back about 11,000 years. Many archaeologists agree that farming in the Fertile Crescent first developed in Jordan and Israel. Today, there are over 570 million farms across the world that feed the planet. More than 90% of these farms are run by an individual or family and rely on family labor. 

When you take this quiz, think about farms globally, as livestock can range from herding mountain goats to raising ostriches. And the animals you'll find around the farm aren't necessarily found only in a barn. For instance, you'll find bees that pollinate crops or birds that eat the insects that circle the herd. Farms are a hotbed of activity, think about plowing fields, mending fences ... even the ants provide a helping hand by aerating the soil and controlling the pest population 

This quiz will entertain you with tidbits of farm facts. You may be surprised to learn that chickens are the most common, widespread domesticated fowl. You may have thought that turkeys at Thanksgiving would take that title. Learn more while you identify all the farm animals from the photos. Start the quiz now. 

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