Can You Identify These Fast Food Desserts From an Image?

Olivia Cantor

Can you guess this McDonald’s dessert?

McDonald's tried to level up their soft serve treats by inventing the McFlurry, which is essentially their soft serve ice cream whipped together with other treats, such as M&M’s or Oreo cookies. They also produce special McFlurry flavors from time to time, in a limited edition mode.

Olive Garden offers this very Italian-sounding dessert. What is it called?

The very crispy cannoli comes in threes at Olive Garden, a fast casual-classified chain. They offer the Cannoli Trio which comes with three different flavored fillings. Va bene!

These yummies are from Zaxby’s. What are they?

Zaxby's doesn't offer many desserts except for the cookie and the brownie options. That's because their main offerings area already heavy enough, and you'll prefer to eat their famous chicken dishes instead!

When it comes to desserts, Culver’s is best known for this concoction. What is it?

You go to Culver's for many things, but one thing that you shouldn't miss is sampling their fresh frozen custard. You can choose from a variety of preparations, like their Flavor of the Day, served in cups or cones, Brownie Thunder, Caramel Cashew, Chocolate Eclair, Cookie Dough Craving, Georgia Peach, and many more!

What is this particular A&W trademark dessert that’s also a drink?

A&W is a root beer brand, so, of course, they have root beer drinks in their restaurants. But they also have the root beer floats, which is a root beer drink served with a scoop of vanilla-flavored soft served ice cream. Drink it with a straw or scoop it up with a spoon!

You can have a piece of this in Bojangles. What is it?

It was in Charlotte, NC, where the first Bojangles eatery opened, and they now have around 600 stores all across the U.S. So sample their sweet potato pie anywhere out there! They top this one with sweet cinnamon butter spread.

You can finish off your Subway order with one of these. What is it?

Subway is predominantly a sub sandwich place, so that's what you will normally get from there. They have chips to offer for sides, and cookies for dessert.

This Taco Bell dessert is actually a stand-alone snack in other parts of the world. What is it?

Hispanic cultures all around the world are familiar with the empanada, or that special savory pastry filled with many types of fillings, from meats to fruits to vegetables. Taco Bell serves the caramel apple empanada kind, which is good for dessert.

Wendy’s signature soft serve dessert is called what?

If you're inside a Wendy's, chances are you'll come upon the signature soft serve ice cream they call the Frosty. Traditionally, this sweet treat comes in either chocolate or vanilla flavor, and it's the same for all Wendy's around the world.

Chick-fil-A did a witty wordplay in naming this dessert. What’s it called?

Chick-fil-A had their signature soft serve ice cream registered as Icedream Cone to differentiate it from the usual ice cream cone. While it's not much of a stretch, it's still got a nice ring to it.

Get some insight while eating this Panda Express dessert. What is it?

Panda Express is not a huge fan of desserts, but its signature one is actually enough to earn it some identity. Their simple dessert is basically the fortune cookie, where you break it and read a "fortune" inside a small strip of paper inside. Don't eat your fortune!

This Long John Silver dessert is a reinvention of a snack. What is it?

If you're very familiar with the good old Twinkie pastry, then Long John Silver's version of it is a deep fried delight! That's why they call it the Deep Fried Twinkie, and offer it as a dessert, right next to their pies.

Popeyes has this festive slice as dessert. What’s it called?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen serves their slices of Mardi Gras cheesecake chilled, since that's the best way to enjoy this festive treat. And since it's named after their very carnival-like festival, the treat is also colorfully decorated.

White Castle wanted to make this usual dessert playfully cool. What is it?

White Castle offers the cheesecake on a stick, which is basically a small triangular slice of cheesecake that's skewered with a popsicle stick in the middle. They also dip this in a fudge coating, so that's like icing on the cake there!

Inside Jack in the Box, you can pop one of these! What is it?

Churros are generally long, like they're longer than average human fingers. But Jack in the Box offers mini churros versions for those who can't really commit to eating that one long stick! They got you, mini-eaters, they got you.

Burger King offers this variation of the quintessential American dessert. What is it?

To differentiate an apple pie from a Dutch apple pie, the former has the usual crust on top and the latter has a crumbly kind of topping called streusel. Taste this glaring difference if you order a slice of Dutch apple pie from Burger King.

You can sample this unique treat at Chuck E. Cheese’s. What is it?

Dippin' Dots is actually a stand-alone product that teamed up with Chuck E. Cheese's and is now part of their dessert menu. And it's a fun one to have, since this is a beaded ice cream product that kids would enjoy tasting.

Shake Shack offers this dense cold treat called what?

Technically, the Concretes served in Shake Shack are actually frozen custard, and they're so dense in their texture. Different branches serve different flavors of Concretes, but they all abide by their store rule of not using any corn syrup or shelf-life lengtheners.

This is a variation of a common Hispanic dessert pastry, made by El Pollo Loco. What is it?

Cinnamon churros are available at El Pollo Loco, and they're good dessert treats after eating some of their yummy chicken. The cinnamon flavor gives their churros version a different taste than the traditional ones.

Cinnamon-flavored desserts are common, but what is this one made by Little Caesars?

Little Caesars has this Crazy Bread trademark which is basically butter and garlic-flavored bread sticks with parmesan cheese sprinkled on them. They converted this into a dessert offering by dicing them into smaller pieces, mixed it with cinnamon, sugar, then topped with cinnamon roll topping and some cream cheese icing. It's now called Cinnamon Crazy Bites.

This is a healthier version of a traditional dessert made by Jason’s Deli. What is it?

Generally speaking, a snickerdoodle is a kind of cookie that's usually made with sugar, flour, butter or oil, then it is rolled in cinnamon sugar. Jason's Deli makes a gluten-free snickerdoodle variation for those who prefer it this way.

Captain D’s reinvents this state fair fave. What is it?

We all know that you can buy funnel cake at amusement parks or state fairs, and they always come in a circular, messy shape. If you want a less chaotic-looking funnel cake, go to Captain D's and sample their funnel cake stix version for a change.

McAlister’s Deli makes this yummy sweet treat. What is it?

The aptly named Marshmallow Crispy is a dessert treat available at McAlister’s Deli. They encourage you to eat this as a dessert, but it could also be eaten as a snack.

You can have a slice of this at any Boston Market. What is it?

If you're craving some traditional-tasting pecan pie, you can head over to Boston Market for a slice of that yummy treat.Their version features a pastry crust that's filled with caramel, and, of course, a heaping of pecans on top.

You can find a slice of this cake in The Cheesecake Factory’s specialty dessert selection. What is it?

The aptly named The Cheesecake Factory offers more than cheesecakes in its dessert menu. The specialty desserts include a slice of tiramisu, as well as other interesting treats, like the black-out cake, limoncello cream torte, and chocolate tower truffle cake, to name a few.

Fuddruckers offers freshly baked versions of desserts, like this one. What is it?

After downing some huge burgers and refreshing shakes at Fuddruckers, they're inviting you to leave some room for their yummy dessert selections. While their offerings are not that diverse, they do have freshly baked items, like this oatmeal raisin cookie, as well as other goodies, like the crispy squares.

IHOP offers this fruit-drizzled treat. What is it?

IHOP's fruit crepe is made up of one rolled-up crepe topped with a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, and fruits of your choice. Up for grabs are blueberries, strawberries or raspberries as fruit toppings, while you can choose from chocolate, vanilla or strawberry for the ice cream scoop.

At Schlotzsky’s, take a bite out of this biggie. What is it?

Schlotzsky's offers hefty dessert sizes for the big eater, especially with their Big S series of treats. They have the Big Salted Caramel Toffee, the Chocolate Chip Chunk, and the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut varieties.

Sample this creamy dessert at Pollo Campero. What’s it called?

The traditional Spanish-style flan is made up mostly of condensed milk and evaporated milk, egg yolks and other stuff. It looks like a creme brûlée or a jelly when finished, but it has a denser texture and taste, like the dessert in the Guatemalan-originating chain called Pollo Campero.

Cracker Barrel offers this historical dessert a la mode. What is it?

The southern-themed American chain called Cracker Barrel invites people to taste authentic southern style cuisine with their dishes, but also their desserts. In particular, they offer this fruit cobbler filled with peaches or blackberries, baked fresh daily, which they top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The long, thin version of this spiced pastry is a dessert at Pizza Hut. What is it?

Pizza Hut is great at making pizzas because that's their specialty. But they also know how to bake some really nice desserts, such as their cinnamon sticks that taste sweet and are crunchy to the bite.

Jersey Mike’s Subs also offers some of these iconic desserts. What is it called?

Jersey Mike's Subs carries these "iconic Northeast baked desserts" branded as Tastykake. They carry assorted flavors of these baked goodies, so it's best to see what's available upon visiting different branches.

Sonic’s appropriately named desserts can indeed rock your world! What are they called?

If you love to eat in a good old-fashioned drive-in diner type restaurant, stop by a Sonic and sample some of their great array of desserts. Highly recommended is the Sonic Blast selection, which features their signature ice cream mixed with candy and cookies, like Snickers, Oreo, Butterfinger, and M&M's.

Whataburger offers this sour pastry piping hot! What is it?

Whataburger carries hot lemon pies as well as hot apple pies. But they're packaged into pocket-like pastries, not the usual rounded pie that you'll slice in triangle wedges.

Get one of these at Domino’s. What is it?

A lava cake is indeed a volcanic-inspired pastry that looks like half the bottom of a volcano, with a gooey liquid center simulating lava. It's just like this Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake offered by Domino's, which is part of their dessert menu.

Open a Papa John’s menu and you’d get one of these. What is it?

Papa John's Cinnamon Pull Apart is made up of sweet-tasting roll dough covered with sugar and cinnamon. Some cinnamon crumbles are then put on top of it before adding some cream cheese icing drizzle.

Applebee’s offers the usual soft serve creamy delight this way. What do they call it?

The fast-casual dining place called Applebee's offers this hot fudge sundae dessert shooter. It doesn't come in just one tiny shooter glass, though, so no need to worry if you've got a big appetite for dessert.

Red Robin carries this monumentally named dessert. What is it?

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews have this delicious Mountain High Mudd Pie for dessert. It's composed of both vanilla and chocolate ice cream which they layered with some Oreo cookies. It also has some fudge, caramel, and whipped cream to top it off -- with a cherry as well.

If you’d like to try these foreign-sounding pastries for dessert, get some at Panera Bread. What is it?

Panera Bread is both a fast-casual dining place and a bakery, so they offer many kinds of pastry desserts. If you feel like having scones for dessert, try the blueberry scone, orange scone, or the cinnamon crunch scone. They also have mini-scones if you don't feel like eating a big one.

If you like a sour dessert, you can actually eat one of these at Jimmy John’s. What is it?

Jimmy John's has sweet desserts like the oatmeal raisin cookie and the triple chocolate chunk if you're the sweet tooth kind of eater. But some people treat the jumbo kosher dill pickle as a dessert, so what the hey! At least it's available for those who want one.

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