Can You Identify These Fortnite Objects from a Photo?

Kennita Leon

What kind of weapon is this?

A common weapon in the Fortnite video game, the assault rifle is ideal for medium-range encounters. Its design is based on the M16 assault rifle.

What are these?

Retractable floor spikes are found in Fortnite's "Save The World." They are available in four versions and work by dealing damage to enemies in close range.

What is this item?

Found inside chests, bandages are classed as a consumable in the Fortnite video game. They are used for regaining health points.

Can you name this gun?

Another type of available weapon choice, the common revolver makes use of medium bullets.

What fruit is this?

A consumable item in the game, apples are often found in clusters under trees. They are consumed to gain healing points.

What kind of weapon is this?

A suppressed pistol available in the epic version, this weapon is near silent while firing. It uses light bullets and has a damage count of 26.

Which melee weapon is shown here?

Falling under the category of melee weapons, the pickax is a tool used by players for collecting resources. With a low damage of 11 points on enemies, it can be used as a last resort weapon.

What is this item called?

Short for portable fort, the port-a-fort is a small cube of the colors gray and blue. When launched by players, it creates a fort.

Which item do you see here?

The hand cannon is a ranged weapon with a damage count of 75. It uses heavy bullets and is purple in color.

What's the name of this object?

An item found in Battle Royale, the glider is used by players initially when jumping from heights at the beginning of the game and again when using the Launch Pad. It aids in flight.

What kind of firearm is this?

Found in Battle Royale, the scoped rifle is a variant of the assault rifle available in two versions; epic and rare.

Can you name this item?

A consumable item, med kits, as the name would suggest, helps the player in restoring full health points. They are found inside chests.

What kind of explosive is this?

A type of grenade found in rarity in Battle Royale, the boogie bomb has the effect of making enemies within the radius dance for five minutes.

What kind of material is this?

A resource used for building forts in the Fortnite videogame, wood can be found in forest zones as trees and in the form of furniture or walls in urban zones.

What was this named?

Found in Battle Royale, the Launchpad is classified as an epic item. It launches players into the air for a quick escape from storms and enemies.

What kind of weapon is this?

A ranged weapon, the common pistol uses light bullets and has a damage total of 23 points. The pistol strongly resembles the M1911.

Which common weapon is shown here?

The silenced SMG or submachine gun can be found in Battle Royale. It is ideally used for short-range targets.

What kind of potion is this?

Taking only two seconds to consume, this uncommon consumable item has the ability to grant 25-50 shield. They can be found in chests as well as on the floor.

What kind of explosive is this?

A new object to the Fortnite world, the clinger is simply a grenade attached to a plunger. It is considered a dangerous method as it can backfire on the player.

What kind of gun is pictured here?

A ranged weapon with 95 damage, the uncommon shotgun comes in the color green. It is a very powerful weapon.

What kind of firearm is this?

Based on the AWP sniper rifle, the bolt action sniper AWP is a powerful ranged weapon with a 105-damage found in rarity throughout the Battle Royale.

What's the name of this weapon?

An uncommon weapon, the hunting rifle is found in chests and ground loot. It employs the use of heavy bullets and has a total damage of 86.

Can you name this material?

A resource found in the Fortnite video game, metal is used for building forts and is one of the strongest materials available in the game. It can be found in the form of vehicles in urban areas.

Can you name this gun?

Using light bullets, the epic minigun delivers rapid damage to targets. It is purple in color and can be used to melt walls.

What weapon is this?

A weapon designed for below average shooters, the semi-automatic sniper rifle uses heavy bullets. It has a magazine of 10 shots.

What kind of liquid is this?

Classified as a consumable item, slurp juice is used to restore both health and shield points. They can be found in supply drops and chests.

What kind of explosive is this?

An explosive trap found in Save the World, remote explosives allow players to attack their enemies from a distance.

What's the name of this common gun?

Found in Save the World, the common burst assault rifle is built for precise targeting in mid-range attacks.

Which item do you see here?

The light machine gun or LMG for short is a rare ranged-weapon found in the game. Although it has a high fire rate, its accuracy is low.

What is this kind of bomb called?

A common weapon found in the Fortnite videogame, grenades are explosive weapons that are hand-launched at enemies and targets.

What's the name of this item?

A legendary consumable item, the chug jug bestows upon players full health and shield points. Unfortunately, this item cannot be stacked.

What's the name of this weapon?

The common tactical shotgun was previously called "semi-auto shotgun" owing to the fact that it is a semi-automatic shotgun. It has a damage of 67.

What's this plant called?

A legendary item for one-time use, the bush is used by players for camouflaging purposes. They can be found in chests and supply drops. They are most effective if the player crouches.

Can you name this item?

A rare consumable item, the impulse grenade found in Save the World deploys grenades when launched. It deals 0 damage.

What weapon is this?

A ranged weapon, the rare rocket launcher deals a damage of 110. Essentially, they are tube guns which fire rocket shells powerful enough to destroy buildings.

What's the name of this material?

One of the three building materials found in the game, stone is the second strongest. It can be obtained from rocks in rural areas and from concrete buildings in urban areas.

Which epic weapon is shown here?

As suggested by the name, the heavy shotgun is a heavier variant of the shotgun. It uses Shells ‘n' Slugs and has a 73.5 damage.

What's the name of this rare item?

The grenade launcher is an explosive weapon rarely found in the Fortnite video game. It works by throwing grenades over a moderate distance.

Which item do you see here?

Made available only in supply drops during its existence, the Zapotron was a laser gun capable of piercing enemies. It was classified as a legendary item.

What's the name of this weapon?

Short for tactical submachine gun, the tactical SMG is a type of weapon found within the game, with different versions available. The uncommon version of this weapon has the ability to melt enemies.

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Fortnite, which is also known as Fortnite: Save the World, is a video game that was developed by Epic Games and was released just about a year ago on July 25th. The game requires players to survive in a world where sudden storms caused the vast majority of the Earth's population to vanish, while zombies roam to attack those that are left. 

Released on a variety of platforms like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and of course PC (Windows and MacOS), the game calls for players to work together to build fortifications, collect food and other helpful resources including medical supplies and weaponry to not only fight the storm, but also the zombies that are out there. 

Now, these fortifications and supplies don't necessarily come easy. Sometimes players need to complete missions to get to them. But once you get them, do you know what they are as soon as you spot them? Can you name the items without going into your inventory to check what you just found?

We want to test how big of a Fortnite fan you are by asking you to identify items found within the game. Do you know all the different guns, or is a medkit all you can identify? Let's see if you can ace this quiz!

(All photos wouldn't be possible without the amazing publishers of Fortnite at Epic Games & Gearbox Software)

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