Quiz: Can You Identify These Grammar Mistakes?
Can You Identify These Grammar Mistakes?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a grammar freak? Do you hate how the internet puts a ton of grammar errors on display? If you think your grammar skills are up to par, take this quiz to find out how many of these grammar mistakes you can identify.

If you think grammar isn't important, consider this popular internet meme: a woman without her man is nothing. Put in some punctuation, and this sentence can have more than one meaning. For instance, "a woman, without her man, is nothing." But also, "a woman - without her, man is nothing." See how punctuation changes things?

Here's another example: She has dirty-blonde hair. Take out the hyphen, and you are left with: She has dirty blonde hair. So, is the woman's blonde hair dirty, or is the color of the woman's hair dirty-blonde? Use grammar and punctuation to make your meaning clear, or you are likely to have trouble communicating with others.

Finally, there are some situations in which grammar may be more important than others. At work, most of us are expected to communicate in a more formal manner. Although we might get away with making common grammar errors in everyday communication, most of us are held to a higher standard in the workplace.

Take this grammar quiz to find out if you're a grammar ace.

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