Quiz: Can You Identify These Hockey Players from a Photo of Their Buzzer Beater?
Can You Identify These Hockey Players from a Photo of Their Buzzer Beater?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Youtube via NHL

About This Quiz

A great hockey game is always fun to witness. But what about those rare moments when players make the deciding shot as the buzzer is about to sound? Thrilling, right? You already know that we HowStuffWorks writers can be inspired by just about anything, so in the spirit of that, we want to test just how much of a hockey fan you are by seeing if you can identify the player by his buzzer beater. 

Now, there are many things that could clue you into who the player is; all you need to do is to take in the tiniest of details. For instance, the color of his uniform will tell you his team and the number on the shirt (if shown) will tell you his name. His posture while hitting the puck can say a lot, as does the player's stature, helmet and even hockey stick.  We're also adding in hints that'll help you guess the player's name if you get stuck. 

Now you may be wondering why we're being so helpful. It's because this quiz won't be easy and because this should only be attempted by those who are true fans of the sport. So if you're one of these people and you know your hockey greats, come identify them by their buzzer beaters. 

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