Quiz: Can You Identify These Hunting Dog Breeds From a Single Image?
Can You Identify These Hunting Dog Breeds From a Single Image?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Shutterstock

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They live for the hunt. They live to please you. And they love to run, swim, leap and above all, bark. Man has had a hand in making these dogs lean, mean, hunting machines. In fact, the dog-man hunting pair have been with us for over 20,000 years -- since the hunter-gatherers’ period. Scholars also believe the Egyptians were one of the first groups to begin breeding dogs specifically for hunting purposes. The Egyptians bred large dogs meant to take down large prey.

There are specialized skills and strengths in each breed. There are breeds with a highly evolved sense of smell, like the beagle, which is used to sniff out contraband. Then there are those with a highly developed sense of sight, like the Irish wolfhound which protects large flocks of sheep. Or those with a keen sense of hearing such as the Norwegian elkhounds which have large ears, making them perfect receptors. Even the bodies of hunting dogs have been perfectly developed for the terrain and type of animal they catch. For instance, the German shorthaired pointer has a waterproof coat and webbed feet to retrieve birds from the water. Find out if you can identify these hunting dog breeds from a single image. Start the quiz right now.  

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