Can You Identify These Iconic Cars From the ’80s?

Robin Tyler

The vehicle in this image helped give a famous name an '80s boost. What is it?

First marketed in 1985, the Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z helped spice up the dull third generation Camaro range first introduced in 1982. A new paint job and a boosted V8 engine meant it not only looked good but pushed out over 200 hp.

The second generation of this vehicle proved it could hold its own against Mercedes and BMW. What is it?

The second generation of Toyota Cressida was introduced in 1982. Solidly built, it was powered by a 2.8-liter SOHC straight-six engine that produced 116 hp, which was impressive for a family sedan at the time.

Tally ho! Can you tell us the make and model of this vehicle?

Originally designed by Maurice Wilks in the late 1940s, the Land Rover changed little over time. In the 1980s, three models were made available, the 90, 110 and 127. The 90 model had just two engine options, either a 2.2-liter diesel or petrol engine.

This car is certainly a legend in Europe. Do you know what it is?

One of the longest-running Ford Europe models, the third generation was originally meant to be a standalone Ford model called the Erika, but it became part of the Escort range. It was powered by a range of engine options from 1.1 to 1.6-liter, and available as a hatchback, estate (station wagon), cabriolet and van.

Can you name the make and model of this classic '80s car?

The first generation of BMW's famed 3 series was released in 1975 and remained in production until 1983. The 315 was built between 1981 and 1983 and was powered by a 1.6-liter engine that produced 73 hp. This gave it a top speed of close to 100 mph.

A muscle car classic, can you identify this vehicle?

The fourth generation of the Corvette, designated C4, was built from 1984 until 1996. This was the first model of this iconic car to receive a complete makeover and redesign since 1963. One of the major changes was an all-aluminum suspension.

One of the best-selling cars of all time, can you identify this '80s model?

The Corolla is one of Toyota's longest produced models, and three generations of this best seller were produced in the '80s alone. The sixth generation, introduced in 1987, included a more rounded, aerodynamic body style with a range of engine options.

Pictured here is one of the decade's most iconic hatchbacks. Can you name it?

Released in 1983, more than 6.3 million Golf Mk2s were produced, including the famed GTI model. The Mk2 included two body options — the three-door or five-door hatchback.

See if you can name this iconic British open-top sports car.

The Midget was produced by MG from 1961 to 1979, however a few cars were titled in 1980, allowing this two-door roadster to just barely cross the finish line to make it into our quiz. The last generation was powered by a 1500 cc engine.

One of the first cars introduced for Nissan's luxury brand, do you know what vehicle this is?

When Acura was first launched in 1986, the Legend was one of only two models offered. The first generation was powered by a 2.5-liter V6 engine, which produced 151 hp.

The influx of smaller Japanese cars saw an American manufacturer produce this model to compete with them. What is it?

The Ford Tempo was an attempt by the American-based Ford Motor Company to produce a vehicle that would compete with Japanese imports. The Tempo had a twin called the Mercury Topaz. This compact car was produced from 1983 to 1994.

Any ideas as to the make and model of this off-roader?

The Scout was built from 1961 to 1980 and proved to be a popular off-roader. More than 500,000 were built during this period.

In 1980, this was the best-selling car in the US. Do you know make and model?

With sales of 2.8 million over a 12-year period, the Chevette served Chevrolet well in the subcompact class. In fact, in 1979 and 1980, it was the best-selling small car in the United States.

Can you ID this '80s luxury sedan?

This four-door sedan, marketed by Lexus since 1989, is currently in its seventh generation. It remains an excellent seller with more than 350,000 sold in the United States alone.

Introduced in 1984, this vehicle proved to be a popular off-roader. Any clue as to the make and model?

Based on the Wagoneer platform, the Grand Wagoneer was introduced by Jeep in 1984. By 1987, the 25th anniversary of the Wagoneer design, the Grand Wagoneer came standard with all-weather tires, air conditioning, leather bucket seats, roof racks, fog lamps, and many other features. It also included a hood ornament.

What 1980s sports car is shown in this image?

In total, 1,311 Ferrari F40’s were produced between 1987 and 1991. Many consider this to be the finest Ferrari ever. The F40 was powered by a 2.9-liter twin turbo V12 capable of producing 471 hp. The F40’s top speed was 199 mph.

First released in 1989, can you name this vehicle, which has a boxer engine as its power plant?

The Legacy is a 4-door sedan, first released in 1989 as a compact car. Featuring a traditional boxer engine, the Legacy had excellent power and great handling.

Can you identify this iconic race car from the '80s?

After they moved out of the rally circuit following the demise of Group B racing in the mid-1980s, Audi turned its attention to something new. The result was the 90 GTO, which raced in the IMSA championship in the United States.

This '80s muscle car produced some impressive performance figures. Any idea what it is?

The Buick Grand National quickly took the fight to its more established rivals from Ford and Chevrolet, particularly the GNX edition.

This iconic race car was basically unbeatable. What is it?

The McLaren MP4/4 is possibly the greatest Formula 1 car ever built. It won 15 out of 16 races in 1988, giving Ayrton Senna his first world title.

Not an Italian car, but designed by the famous Italian company Bertone, can you identify this vehicle?

Part of the Volvo 200 series, the 262C was available from 1978 to 1981. Designed with the help of Italian styling house Bertone, the 262C featured a unique look compared to its counterparts in the series.

Can you tell us the name of this iconic '80s sports car?

One of the most iconic sports cars ever, the Countach was released in 1970 but saw numerous upgrades in the '80s, including a larger 4.8-liter motor in 1982. In total, 321 units of this model were built.

Iconic for all the wrong reasons, this vehicle had a tendency to catch fire in accidents. What is it?

Produced for a decade between 1970 and 1980, the Pinto was the first subcompact car produced by Ford in America. Although the Pinto was popular (Ford produced 3 million Pintos over 10 years), it was the subject of a safety-related controversy, and was ultimately replaced by the Escort.

Although it was a massive failure, it was also one of the most famous cars of the decade. What vehicle is featured here?

In theory, the DeLorean was a winner. In practice, it caused its parent company to go bankrupt and close. The DeLorean is probably most remembered for appearing in the "Back to the Future" movie trilogy.

First introduced in 1982 as a replacement for the Datsun 210, can you identify this vehicle?

The Nissan Sentra has been sold in a number of markets around the world, including America. It was an immediate hit in the United States and continues to be one of the best-selling cars in the world. The Sentra is currently in the seventh generation.

Can you name this vehicle, which was based on a Honda model of the same name?

Built between 1986 and 2001, Honda's Integra was released under the Acura brand in the United States. In fact, when Acura was first launched in 1986, this was one of only two models offered. The first generation was available as a four-door sedan or a three- or five-door liftback.

Can you name this beauty?

Produced from 1984 to 1996, the Testarossa was first unveiled at the Paris Auto Show. Almost 10,000 Testarossas were made, making this one of Ferrari's best-selling models. The Testarossa was powered by a 4.9-liter flat 12 engine.

Name this popular sports car, which was produced from 1986 to 1993.

When it was introduced, this was the fastest street-legal production car in the world, with a top speed of 197 mph. Only 345 Porsche 959s were produced. It originated as a rally car, but according to FIA rules, at least 200 production models needed to be built.

Any ideas as to the name of this pickup?

After playing it safe for a number of years, Chevrolet introduced the GMT400 in 1988. This truck featured a sleek new body, designed with the help of a wind tunnel. The ride was also significantly improved, thanks to an independent front suspension with torsion bars.

Produced up to 1983, this was the best-selling model for a French automaker. What is it?

Not many people know it, but Peugeot is the oldest car manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1810 as a coffee mill company, Peugeot began making cars in 1882.

From 1973 to 1986, this vehicle shared its platform with the Volkswagen Passat. Do you know what it is?

Produced for three decades, the 80 was a stalwart of the Audi fleet. The B2 model, which was produced from 1978-1986, was marketed as the Audi 4000 in the US.

What is the name of this American classic?

Certainly an iconic name in American motoring, the Cadillac DeVille was produced between 1958 and 2005. The sixth generation was produced for the mid part of the '80s into the '90s and was available as a four-door sedan or two-door coupe.

Can you identify this iconic pickup truck?

Produced between 1986 and 2011, the Dodge Dakota was a classic American pick-up truck, and the first mid-sized truck to offer an optional V8 engine.

This vehicle was also sold as the Mitsubishi Mirage. Can you find its American name?

Produced between 1971 and 1994, the Colt was actually built by Mitsubishi Motors and marketed by Dodge in the United States. The fifth generation was sold between 1984 and 1988, and featured a 1.6-liter engine.

Can you name this classic luxury sedan from the '80s?

From 1987 until 1992, the Brougham was named after British statesman Henry Brougham, who designed a famous horse-drawn carriage in 1838. Cadillac's 1987 model was powered by a 5.0 L V8 engine that produced 140 hp.

You wouldn't expect this carmaker to produce a model like this. Can you name this truck?

Known for their sports cars, the LM002 was a massive departure for Lamborghini. It was built between 1986 and 1993 and only 328 were made. Pirelli was commissioned to make custom tires for this vehicle.

What American off-road classic is shown in this image?

The Pioneer was a trim package for the Cherokee and was available from 1984 to 1990. It included steel wheels, an AM radio and an alternate cloth trim with a plaid pattern.

This classic British off-road vehicle comes from the 1980s. Can you tell us what it is?

The Defender was produced from 1983 to 2013. Originally known as the Land Rover 110 (due to its 110-inch wheelbase), the Defender was one of Land Rover's top-selling models.

What is the name of this iconic luxury car?

Built between 1980 and 1999, the Silver Spirit was the epitome of luxury. Four distinct generations (or "marks") of this vehicle were produced during its 19-year history. The Mark I was powered by a 6.75 L Rolls-Royce L410 V8 engine.

Can you identify the vehicle in this image?

This truck was Dodge's answer to the heavy trucks being produced by Chevrolet and Ford. In 1989, the model gained a Cummings B Series engine, which up to that point had only been featured in large commercial trucks.

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