Quiz: Can you identify these infamous haunted houses?
Can you identify these infamous haunted houses?
By: Bambi Turner
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No home is perfect, but some structures suffer from much more than damaged drywall or dated finishes. The properties in this quiz range from simple farms to exquisite mansions, but they all have one thing in common -- a ghostly spirit that just won't leave, resulting in spooky sightings and unexplained events that send shivers down the spine of anyone who dares cross the threshold. Take our quiz to see how much you know about these infamous haunted houses!

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What was the weapon of choice in a gruesome 1912 murder at Villisca?
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Where is the Villisca murder house located?
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What did Madame Delphine LaLaurie keep in her New Orleans attic?
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What actor purchased the LaLaurie home specifically because of its ghostly past?
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What is the Bell Witch named after?
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What name is often used for the Bell Witch?
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What year did Lizzie Borden's family die a bloody death in their Massachusetts home?
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What weapon was used to kill the Bordens?
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What great American writer haunts the Murder House on 10th Street in New York City?
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How many people have died at the Murder House on 10th Street?
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Where can you find the Winchester Mystery House?
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How much did Sarah Winchester spend building her famous dwelling?
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How many rooms did the Winchester Mystery House have when Sarah Winchester started her building craze?
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How many members of the Lemp family committed suicide in the family's famous mansion?
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Where is the Lemp Mansion located?
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What spooky film is based on the lives of the Snedeker family?
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The Snedeker home once served as a funeral parlor.
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What was Harold Perelson's weapon of choice in a famous 1959 murder?
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What year did the Los Feliz Murder House finally sell after the 1959 murder?
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What city is home to Franklin Castle?
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Which of these disasters did Molly Brown survive?
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What is the name of the ghost at Myrtle's Plantation?
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What state is home to the Amityville Horror house?
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What year did the Amityville Horror house tragedy inspire a hit film?
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Who is the most frequently-spotted ghost at the White House?
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Where can you visit the Whispers Estate?
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What spooky structure stood on the site of the Whaley House before it was a private residence?
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Where can you find the haunted Barton Mansion?
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Who haunts Sprague Mansion?
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Where can you find Chambers Mansion?
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