Quiz: Can You Identify These Items That Are Totally Common Outside the US?
Can You Identify These Items That Are Totally Common Outside the US?
By: Olivia C
Image: Clare Mansell/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Have you noticed how some products are called one name in the US, but they're known by some other name in another part of the world? Or how about seeing other cool varieties of a particular US product overseas? Why the discrepancies?

Global trade these days has already allowed countries to import and export various items in any category. Thanks to trade liberalization policies, the exchange of goods has never been more dynamic than today. Take food items, for instance. All over the world, we can now taste proudly locally made products from all over the world. So it's not uncommon now to see milk from New Zealand, cereals from South America, salt from the Himalayas and other uniquely foreign-made food items in your local grocery store or supermarket.

The same is true with any other kind of fast-moving consumer goods or FMCGs. Personal care products like toiletries and make-up have also been sold globally. We can already see that with consumer electronic products and other luxury items.

So how come there are still some items that are not readily available in the US? Given that it's a huge market, have you wondered why certain foreign-made items or food stuff are not yet in the US? We're wondering about that, too!

So here's a sample of those kinds of products that we hopefully could also see in the US markets, soon. Take this quiz and test your knowledge -- and whet your appetite! 

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It's a bum ... mer if the US doesn't have this washer. What is it?
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Guess which kind of Kit Kat this is...
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In Asia, many of our American fast food chains have this staple food of theirs. What is it?
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What kind of product is this Smints?
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Americans need to go to the tropics to get these fruits.
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This popular US brand has way too many flavors outside the US. What is it?
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This is a famous Canadian dish, called what?
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Sony invented this cute gadget toy that's exclusive for the Japan market, for now. What is it?
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This thirst-quencher has a different approach here. What flavor is it?
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Get the unexpected delight from this egg. What's it called?
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Super-fast transportation is always cool! Which one is this?
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In most Asian countries, this kind of home defense is common. What do you think this is?
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To boil water, the rest of the world may have to use this instead. What is it?
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It may still be a novelty in the US, but it's very common in Europe already. What is it?
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This snack or dessert or breakfast item is common in different Hispanic time zones. What is it?
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It's still part of a door, but of a different design. What is it?
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Australian toilets have this. What is it?
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You can consume this in Europe, but what is it exactly?
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The British chocolate maker, Cadbury, has this famous item. What is it called?
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Canadians love this awakening Nestlé product that only reached US shores in the late 2000s. But what is it, exactly?
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In other hunting parts of the world, it's common to buy this in their markets. What is it?
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What is this British goodie?
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French people sweeten things fragrantly, with this.
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It's handy after washing clothes. What is it?
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Careful on the road! What kind of car would you encounter?
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In the absence of a bidet, this is still useful in some developing nations. What is it?
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It shouldn't be seedy nor sleazy! What kind of Japanese lodging is this?
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Bottoms up with this one, moderately. What is it?
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This yummy ice cream Magnum treat has different flavors outside the US. What kind is this?
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Another sweet that's not in the US is this. What is it?
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This unique pastry is called what?
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What do you call this scattered sweets of an item?
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The home throne won't be the same if you try this Japanese item. What is it?
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Southeast Asian countries have a love-hate relationship with this fruit. What's it called?
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This is the Australian version of Burger King.
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Lay's in Canada made this one. What is this strange flavor?
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In some European countries, this brand is well-known. What is it?
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Asian fare of this barbecued sort is always enjoyable to try, discover and consume. What is the general term for it?
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It's kinda confusing to consume, but you can try eating this choco bar. What's it called?
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Take it from the Japanese to make sandwich-making easier with this device. What do you think this is?
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