Can You Identify These Logos From a Partial Image?

By: Jody Mabry
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For many companies their logo is everything. Consider McDonald's Golden Arches, arguably the most well-known logo in the world. Can you imagine driving through a city without seeing the arches somewhere along the way? A good logo will help you make decisions. Do you want the Golden Arches or the Burger King? Or, maybe a red and white bucket of the Colonel's best fried chicken? 

But, don't think your decision to buy food is the only decision logos help to lean you in a direction. For example, are you Ford Tough or do you follow the Chevy bow tie?  

From restaurants to car manufacturers and of course your favorite superhero people love logos as much as companies like the money their logos bring in. How well do you know the logos that you grew up with? They are everywhere and you see them every day. But, how much of an impact do they have on your life? Do you think you know the difference between the Astin Martin logo and the Bentley logo? What if you have a partial logo of Wendy's and Carl's Jr.? 

This quiz has some of the most popular logos. You know them, you use them and subconsciously you probably talk to them. But, how well will you do if you only have a portion of the logo to figure out which company or brand is represented? Let's take this quiz to find out!

McDonald's serves around 68 million customers daily, in 119 countries, across 36,538 outlets. It actually started out as a barbecue restaurant but was reorganized to focus on hamburgers in 1948. The first McDonald's with arches opened in 1953, in Phoenix, Arizona.

From the Batsignal to the Batarang, Batman's logo is one of the most recognized in the world. I've often wanted to come up with a pizza signal I could use to order when my phone's battery is dead.

Mazda can be traced back to the formation of the Toyo Cork Kogyo company in Hiroshima, Japan in 1920. After a name change in 1927 to Toyo Kogyo, the company initially manufactured machine tools under the brand name Toyo. In 1931, the company produced its first three-wheeler, called the Mazda-Go. Their first passenger car, the R360 coupe, was introduced in 1960.

Starbucks has grown by an average of about two stores per day for the past 27 years. Starbucks plans to open 3,400 stores in China by 2019. There are 36,000 possible frappuccino combinations you could make. Starbucks uses 4 billion cups around the world each year.

Hellboy has long been one of my favorite anti-hero types. He's a cigar-chomping, hornless demon with a heckuva right hook, but a soft heart for kittens and kids.

A division of Dodge and produced by Chrysler, Ram trucks were introduced in 1981, although Dodge had been building trucks for decades prior. A range of models has been manufactured over the years, all featuring the iconic ram's head logo.

With more than 44,000 locations across 110 countries, Subway is a huge franchise. Subway serves about 5,300 sandwiches every 60 seconds, which is roughly 320,000 sandwiches every hour. That is 7.6 billion subs every day!

As a kid, what I loved about Spider-Man was the way he spoke. He was full of wisecracks, one-liners and put-downs, completely unlike his stuffy DC counterparts.

Audi was founded in 1909 by August Horch. The company was first known as August Horch Automobilwerke, but changed to Audi Automobilwerke a short while later, with Audi the Latin translation of his surname. The company has made some legendary cars, none more so than the Audi Quattro which dominated the world rally scene in the 1980s with its unique all-wheel drive system.

The company Toyota started out under the auspices of Sakichi Toyoda in 1918 as the Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Company. After it was sold in 1929, the £100,000 received was quickly used to help Toyoda start looking into vehicle manufacturing. By 1937, a vehicle had been designed and produced, the Model AA. Toyota Motor Company was born soon after and initially only produced vehicles in Japan. In 1959, production started in Brazil and soon the rest of the world followed with Toyota becoming one of the top 10 car companies on the planet.

Burger King was founded in the 1950s by entrepreneurs James McLamore and David R. Edgerton, based on an earlier chain. Today, there are about 13,000 Burger Kings in operation in the United States and in 100 other countries.

Will we ever get a really good Fantastic 4 movie? They (especially the Thing and the Human Torch) seem custom-made for an effects-heavy superhero summer tentpole, but it hasn't been pulled off successfully yet.

With a factory of 200 workers, Ferdinand Porsche set out to make motor cars in 1948. He was certainly not new to the game, having been an engineer at Daimler-Benz since the 1930s. The first Porsche off the production line, the 356, only offered 40 horsepower but was noted for its excellent handling. The engine was found in the rear of the vehicle, a characteristic found in every model since.

Wendy's is named after Dave Thomas' daughter Melinda. As a child, she had the same issue pronouncing Rs and Ls that many kids do, and she referred to herself as “Wendy” or “Wenda.” Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's, actually dropped out of high school.

It's hard to imagine that anyone other than Hugh Jackman will ever play Wolverine. If you haven't seen "Logan," the last Wolverine movie, remedy that oversight posthaste.

The first car produced by Volvo, the OV4 or Jakob, left the production line in 1927. Interestingly the name Volvo derives from the Latin and means "I roll" when applied to the Volvo brand. In 1959, Volvo became the first vehicle manufacturer to include safety belts in their vehicles as standard.

Fiat or Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino was founded by a group of investors led by Giovanni Agnelli in 1899. Soon, the company had produced its first vehicle, a 4HP car, in 1900. By 1908, the first Fiat factory in America was opened. Even though the vehicles sold for much more than their American counterparts, they were popular and were seen as a luxury item. Perhaps the most famous model produced by the company is the 1950s Fiat 500. In fact, a more modern version was released in 2007.

Taco Bell's tacos were originally 19 cents per taco. Apparently, customers pronounced them “Tay-Kohs” at first. Other menu items included tostadas, burritos, and chili burgers. The first location featured fire pits and mariachi bands. The company sold to Pepsico in 1978.

Peter Quill was just an ordinary earth kid until he got picked up by Ravagers and ended up becoming Star-Lord. This no doubt has fueled the dreams of countless adolescents.

André Citroën, the man behind the Citroën brand, initially started out manufacturing double helical gears, the distinct V shapes of which form part of the Citroën logo today. In 1913, he took over the Mors automobile company, which helped to build munitions during the First World War. The first Citroën car was produced after the war, in 1919, with André Citroën employing many mass manufacturing techniques new to Europe, and soon his company was producing 100 vehicles each day.

Superman has been a difficult superhero to put in movies in the modern age. In the '50s, we liked our invincible, rigidly moralistic heroes. These days, we want them a bit more human and fallible.

When the founder William Rosenberg opened his first donut shop in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1948, it was originally named Open Kettle. Two years later, it was renamed Dunkin’ Donuts. Back in the late '70s and into the '80s, the franchise used to sell so-called Easter egg donuts.

In 1994, a Swede, Christian von Koenigsegg, decided to produce the fastest vehicle in the world. In 2005, he saw his dream come true as the Koenigsegg CCR reached 388 km/h, making it the fastest production car in the world. Koenigsegg continues to develop incredible hypercars, including the Agera R, the Regera and the One:1.

Chick-fil-A has been voted one of the nation's top fast-food joints. The chicken biscuit was the first breakfast menu item. The gay marriage controversy actually boosted the company's profits. The company has sold over 3 billion sandwiches since opening.

Blade's got some vampire in him, but he spends his time hunting the bloodsuckers down. Wesley Snipes played him in the movie series, and did a pretty amazing job.

Land Rover was originally built by Rover from 1948 until 1978, when the company Land Rover was formed. Interestingly, the very first models of the vehicle had the steering wheel in the center of the console. The original design of the vehicle was drawn on a Welsh beach by designer, Maurice Wilks.

There are more than 15,000 locations in over 90 countries, and Pizza Hut U.S.'s parent company, Yum Brands, is No. 713 on the Forbes Global 2000 list, with an estimated market cap of $34.6 billion. It was founded by two brothers while they were still in college.

At his inception, the Flash wasn't exactly the most interesting of supeheroes. He could run fast and ... well, that was about it. Lately, his super-speed has been used to do things like alter Earth's rotation and such, so he's got that.

Saturn vehicles started out as a subsidiary of General Motors in 1982. The brand was initially started to develop models to compete with the imported vehicles flooding the American market. By 1990, a dealership network was fully established as Saturns rolled off the production line. Despite problems and recalls, by 1996 over one million vehicles had been produced and even launched in Japan. The brand ended in 2009, when a deal to sell to Roger Penske fell through.

From a small Missouri chain known as St. Louis Bread Company to almost 2,000 bakery-cafes in 46 states, Panera bakes more loaves of fresh bread every day than any other fast-casual restaurant in the country. The franchise was purchased by Au Bon Pain, and some stores still retain their original names.

A joint venture between Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin, the history of this car manufacturer can be traced back to 1913. The company was initially called Bamford & Martin Ltd, but quickly became known as Aston Martin, thanks to a successful outing at the Aston Hill Climb in 1914.

As played by Julie Newmar on the original Batman series, Catwoman was all slinky sexuality and purrrrfect menace. Later incarnations have made her less sexy and more criminally capable.

As one of the most famous car makers in the world, Mercedes built its first car in 1901. It was an open two-seater with a 35-horsepower motor. The famous three-spoke star was introduced in 1909. The automaker dominated open-wheel racing in the1930s. Today, Mercedes is the top team in Formula 1, with three world championships in a row, from 2014-2016. The company continues to make some of the best road cars on the planet.

Colonel Sanders laid the groundwork for future franchising in 1952 when he met Pete Harman, a restaurant owner from Utah, at a food seminar. The two struck a deal, and Harman opened the first location called Kentucky Fried Chicken in Salt Lake City. When Sanders sold the company, the gravy recipe changed.

Ant-Man, as played by Paul Rudd, is a good guy who just happens to be a master thief. He's a got a suit that lets him get really tiny, or in "Civil War," really BIG.

Tom Monaghan, the owner of Dominos, tried to go to college in Michigan originally. He briefly studied as an architect at the University of Michigan but, unable to pay tuition, he and his brother Jim went in on a small pizzeria that was for sale. They bought DomiNick's in 1960 with a $900 loan.

Saab, established in 1938, originally started out producing aircraft; to this day, it remains a large part of their operations. Towards the end of the Second World War, the company realized they would need to find something else to produce. Their first vehicle, the Saab 92, entered production in 1949, followed by the Saab 93 in 1955. This became the first model to be exported, most notably to the United States.

Steve Rogers is about as close as Marvel comes to Superman. He's rigidly moral, always pure of heart and purpose ... and thus sort of boring.

Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company in 1903. Ford was not new to motor vehicles - he had built his first gas powered vehicle in 1896. It was his introduction of the Model T Ford into the market in 1908 that changed vehicle production forever. The demand for the Tin Lizzy, as the Model T became known, became so high that Ford started to incorporate mass production methods in its manufacture. This included interchangeable parts, as well as the use of moving assembly lines. Ford also introduced the $5 eight-hour working day for his workers to help keep up with production demands. Today, Ford is one of the most famous automakers in the world.

Sonic Drive-In is the biggest chain of drive-in restaurants still in existence, Sonic serves 3 million customers across 44 states every day. Sonic was originally a root beer stand, and it was almost called Top Hat instead of Sonic.

If you think bows and arrows are for wimps, you haven't met Hawkeye. His quiver holds arrows that do everything from explode to ... well ... explode lots of things at once.

Chipotle is one of the fastest-growing chains in the U.S., with more than 1,800 locations and 200 more going up this year. The CEO studied art history and also attended the Culinary Institute of America. The inspiration for the chain came from San Francisco.

The idea behind the Volkswagen, or "People's Car," was something close to the heart of Hitler, the leader of Germany, through the early 1930s. He approached Ferdinand Porsche to design the car, which he did. It quickly became the Beetle, a vehicle that has seen production throughout the world over decades. Volkswagen, the company, was founded in 1937 and during the Second World War it produced military vehicles. After the war, it went back into producing commercial vehicles. Over the years, Volkswagen has been responsible for some of the most iconic cars ever, including the Golf, the Micro Bus and a host of others.

Honda is among the 10 biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world. They were also the first to launch a luxury brand, Acura, in the United States in 1986. Today, the company makes vehicles, motorbikes and aircraft.

Carl's Jr. has been serving hamburgers for 60-some years, and what started as a small-time hot dog stand has now expanded across the country. With four successful hot dog stands, Karcher opened a full-service restaurant in Anaheim, California, in 1945. It was named Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue

Iron Man is the epitome of cool. He's a billionaire who decides to use his fortune for good, but he still has no tolerance for fools, socially acceptable behavior or meals that don't include beef.

The Bentley Motor Company was founded in 1919 by two brothers. Racing success soon followed, with a win at a 24-hour race in Le Mans, France. Their vehicles became very popular among the elite in Britain. Further success in Le Mans followed from 1927 to 1930, but the company struggled financially during the Great Depression and was bought by the British Central Equitable Trust, a company owned by Rolls-Royce. To this day, Bentley cars are synonymous with luxury and prestige, with each car featuring the famous Winged B hood ornament.

Hulk is the favorite superhero of little brothers everywhere. Every little guy being picked on by older siblings imagines being able to change into a giant green butt-kicker to stomp on his tormentors.

The history of Mitsubishi can be traced back to the 1870s and originally starts with shipbuilding. The first car produced by the company is the Model A in 1917, while with the clouds of war gathering in the 1930s, the company produced a four-wheel drive passenger car for military use. During the 1940s, Mitsubishi built aircraft for the war effort. After the conflict, focus returned to vehicle manufacture. The company has made some very popular vehicles over the years, including the EVO and Pajero.

There's no question that Thor and Iron Man are the pillars upon which the Marvel Cinematic Universe are built. Captain America doesn't quite measure up (and no, that's not a height joke).

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