Can You Identify These Major League Baseball Rivalries?

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For more than a century, the Boston Red Sox have been rivals with what team?

These American League East rivals first squared off on April 26, 1901, at Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Lone Star Series is a rivalry that pits the Texas Rangers against what team?

This American League West rivalry is really a natural outcrop of proximity.

The Tampa Bay Rays and what AL East team are recent, yet intense, rivals?

The Tampa Bay Rays, originally known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, rivalry started in 2000 with an errant pitch.

What AL Central team are considered Chicago White Sox rivals?

Detroit and Chicago are close enough so that their rivalry is primarily based on geography and the ability of one team's fans to travel to away games.

The Atlanta Braves are rivals with what National League East team?

The Braves and the Mets first sparred on May 11, 1962.

What AL West team are rivals with the Los Angeles Angels?

LA and Texas games often come to blows as former members of each team compete against their former teammates.

What I-94 rivalry includes the Chicago Cubs and what other team?

These teams are located just over 80 miles apart along Interstate 94.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and what team are not just geographic rivals?

The Dodgers and the Giants were once both based in New York.

What NL East team are rivals with New York Mets?

These two teams have squared off nearly 1,000 times.

The Battle of the Beltways pits the Baltimore Orioles against what team?

The Orioles vs. Nationals rivalry kicked off in 2006.

The Windy City Showdown pits the Chicago White Sox against what team?

These Chicago teams first faced off on June 16, 1997 in Comiskey Park.

The St. Louis Cardinals are rivals with what National League Central team?

This Route 66 rivalry first squared off on April 12, 1892.

The Battle of Ohio pits the Cincinnati Reds against what team?

The Battle of Ohio, or the Ohio Cup, is in reference to the preseason trophy game between the two teams.

The Show-Me series pits the Kansas City Royals against what team?

Kansas City and St. Louis are another team rivalry that rose out of sheer proximity.

The Los Angeles Angels rivalry against what team is known as the Freeway Series?

These two teams faced off for the first time on June 17, 1997 at Dodger Stadium and have played each other more than 100 times.

The Beltway rivalry pits the Washington Nationals against what team?

The Washington Nationals were formerly the Montreal Expos.

The Subway Series is the name for the rivalry between the New York Mets and what team?

The Subway Series is named such because all games are accessible via the New York subway system.

The rivalry between the Oakland Athletics and what team is known as the Bay Bridge Series?

These two National League teams first met on October 9, 1905 at Columbia Park.

The Crosstown Classic pits the Chicago Cubs against which rivals?

This North Side/South Side rivalry is based on proximity.

The I-70 Series rivalry is based on the St. Louis Cardinals and what team?

The Royals vs. Cardinals rivalry began during the 1985 World Series, and the teams face off every year.

The Citrus Series pits the Miami Marlins against what other Florida team?

These two teams first faced off on June 22, 1998 at Tropicana Field.

Historically, the Cincinnati Reds were rivals with what team?

Cincinnati and LA were once heated rivals. The rivalry fizzled when the Reds moved to the NL Central.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were once rivals with what East Coast team?

The LA Dodgers were once based in New York, making this rivalry one of proximity. The rivalry has remained even after the Dodgers moved to LA.

The Philadelphia Phillies were once heated rivals with what other local team?

The rivalry between these two Pennsylvania teams fizzled in 1994, when the Pirates moved to the NL Central.

The Battle of the Bay pits the San Francisco Giants against what team?

The Giants and the As first met as the New York Giants and Philadelphia Athletics in 1905.

The New York Yankees are historical rivals with what team?

The Yankees and the Giants once both played out of the same New York ballpark.

The City Series pitted the Oakland Athletics against what team?

The City Series, sometimes called the Philadelphia City Series, lasted until about 1955 when the A's moved to Kansas City.

The Texas Rangers are rivals with what Canadian team?

These two teams have been viewed as a rivalry since 2015.

Going back more than 100 years, the San Francisco Giants and what team are sworn enemies?

This former Manhattan/Brooklyn rivalry has been in play since 1890.

The New York Yankees have played what rival more than 2,000 times?

This rivalry has made the most of division titles, pennants and tempers.

Which of these teams is NOT considered a rival of the Atlanta Braves?

The Braves are sometimes referred to as the Bravos and are also called America's Team.

The New York Yankees once played what other team for the Mayor's Trophy?

The Yankees and the Mets have been interleague rivals since 1997.

The Boston Red Sox and what rival team are known for their brawls?

The Sox and the Rays have been rivals since a wayward pitch made a Rays player charge the mound.

The Philadelphia Phillies and what team have been rivals since a Tug McGraw comment in 1980?

McGraw played on both teams over the years.

The St. Louis Cardinals spar with what other Midwestern rival?

These two teams first faced off on April 12, 1892 at Sportsman's Park in St. Louis, Missouri.

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