Can You Identify These MLB Players If We Give Them Baseballs for Eyes?



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This power hitter is a danger to send a ball out the park during any at bat. Who is he?

Aaron Judge proved his worth in the Majors during his first year in the league. After sending a rookie record 52 balls into the far stands, Judge was named the AL Rookie of the Year.


You might recognize which player shown here for signing the biggest contract in baseball history?

Though he was already an established star, Mike Trout had his first MVP season in 2014. That year, Trout's strikeout total went up, but he had an exceptional overall season, which included 36 home runs, 16 stolen bases and 115 runs scored.


Are you familiar with this undersized slugger for the Houston Astros?

2017 was an incredible year for Jose Altuve in terms of career accomplishments. Not only did he win his first World Series title, but he was also named the AP Athlete of the Year, the AL MVP and won an AL batting championship.


What's the name of this former star who became part owner of the Miami Marlins after he retired?

Derek Jeter put together a Hall of Fame career as he established himself as the leader of a Yankees dynasty that won five World Series. During that run, Jeter had his best performance in the 2000 World Series, where he was named the MVP of the series.


Do you know this star who signed with the Philadelphia Phillies prior to the 2019 season?

Bryce Harper was selected in the 2010 MLB draft with the first overall pick by the Washington Nationals. It took Harper less than two years to make his MLB debut when he took the field on April 28, 2012.


One of the best pitchers in the league, which player is this?

Playing against the Colorado Rockies in 2014, Clayton Kershaw threw the only no-hitter of his career. He would have thrown a perfect game had there not been a single error in the seventh inning of the game.


Can you identify this MLB veteran who made his debut in 2003?

Miguel Cabrera achieved a Triple Crown in 2012 when he led the American League in batting average, home runs and runs batted in. For his accomplishment, Cabrera was awarded the first of back to back AL MVP awards.


Does this second baseman for the New York Mets have a familiar face?

Robinson Cano started his professional career with the New York Yankees, where he remained through the 2013 season. The Yankees attempted to keep him on their squad but were outbid by the Seattle Mariners, who offered Cano a 10-year contract.


Few MLB legends had the same hitting power as which player depicted here?

Barry Bonds currently holds the MLB record for home runs in a career with 762 homers. However, that record is shrouded in controversy because of Bonds' association with steroids, which might keep him out of the Hall of Fame.


Who is this pitcher that's been around long enough to win five Gold Glove Awards?

Zach Greinke didn't turn into a defensive standout until the latter part of his career. However, as he approached 30, he upped his defensive performance and became one of the best fielders from the pitcher position.


Currently signed with the New York Yankees, which player do you see here?

There aren't many players in MLB who can hit home runs quite like Giancarlo Stanton, which was why the Yankees became so dangerous when he was paired with Aaron Judge. Prior to joining the Yankees, Stanton led the National League in home runs twice.


Are you able to identify this veteran, who has achieved just about every accomplishment a player can?

Though he's still playing at 39 years old, Albert Pujols has already established a career that will put him beside the all-time greats of the game. He's a three-time NL MVP, 10-time All-Star and has won two World Series. If that's not legendary, then what is?


How familiar are you with this right fielder?

Making his MLB debut in 2013, Christian Yelich had a few decent seasons with the Miami Marlins before they traded him to the Milwaukee Brewers in 2018. In his first season with the Brewers, Yelich made his first All-Star game and was also named the NL MVP.


Do you recognize this player who has played his entire career with the Cincinnati Reds?

Born in Ontario, Canada, Joey Votto was honored through his home country by being awarded the Tip O'Neill Award seven times. Only one Canadian athlete, Larry Walker, has won the award more than Votto.


Nicknamed "The Kid," what's the name of this former center fielder?

Ken Griffey Jr. had the privilege of playing beside his father on the Seattle Mariners when he first joined MLB in 1989. While his father was a great player in the league, Griffey surpassed him in just about every accomplishment other than World Series titles.


Is this former NL Rookie of the Year a player you recognize?

In 2010, Jacob deGrom suffered a devastating UCL tear in his pitching elbow while he was playing in the minors, which slowed his progression. However, he made a comeback and finally reached the majors in 2014.


Have you been keeping up with baseball well enough to identify this young star?

After making his third All-Star game in 2018, Mookie Betts continued his stellar season by leading the Boston Red Sox to a World Series championship. That year, he also earned the AL MPV, a Golden Glove Award and a Silver Slugger Award.


Can you name this once-undrafted free agent?

Nelson Cruz was an instrumental part of the Texas Rangers' 2011 run at a World Series. He was named the MVP of the ALCS after the Rangers defeated the Detroit Tigers, but his team lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.


Which three-time All-Star do you see here?

Freddie Freeman's rookie season saw him competing directly against teammate Craig Kimbrel for the NL Rookie of the Year award. Kimbrel won the award, but Freeman came in a close second.


If you were starting a team, you'd probably put which player depicted in this image on your team?

Making his first appearance in MLB on Aug. 9, 2012, Manny Machado went to the playoffs that same season with the Baltimore Orioles. Playing against the New York Yankees, Machado hit his first postseason home run in Game 3 of the ALDS.


What's the name of this player who came back from a horrible injury in 2012?

Buster Posey was the catcher for Matt Cain when he threw a perfect game on June 13, 2012. The game saw Cain strike out 14 batters, which is tied for the most all-time in a perfect game.


How well do you know this two-time World Series winner?

Inspired by winning a World Series title during his rookie season in 2007, Dustin Pedroia had one of the best seasons of his career in 2008. That year, he made his first All-Star game and was named the AL MVP.


Are you familiar with this MVP-caliber player?

Before the 2005 MLB draft, Andrew McCutchen committed to play for the University of Florida. However, after he was drafted with the 11th pick and offered a $1.9 million signing bonus, McCutchen decided to withdraw his commitment and go to the pros.


This retired legend was nicknamed "The Iron Man." Who is he?

From May 30, 1982, until Sept. 19, 1998, Cal Ripken Jr. played 2,632 straight games, an MLB record. Surprising many, Ripken decided to end the record himself rather than have an injury take it from him.


Do you know the name of this longtime pitcher for the Seattle Mariners?

Felix Hernandez became such a popular player for the Seattle Mariners that he was awarded a special cheering section at Safeco Field. The section is known as "King's Court," and fans are given "King Felix" T-shirts.


You'll be hard-pressed to find a young star as good as which player shown here?

In his first season, Cody Bellinger not only earned the NL Rookie of the Year award for his play, but he was also selected to his first All-Star game. His stellar season included a hit for the cycle where he hit a single, double, triple and home run in a game.


Is this Puerto Rican-born MLB player familiar to you?

Carlos Correa competed with the Houston Astros in the 2017 World Series. In a hard-fought series that went back and forth, the Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games.


Were you watching baseball when this slugger was on the field?

As controversy followed him during his final few seasons in MLB, Alex Rodriguez decided to finally call it quits in 2016. After leaving the field as a player, Rodriguez started a career as a media personality.


Can you identify this high-level defensive talent?

A testament to his talent on defense, Nolan Arenado has earned a Gold Glove Award every season he has been in the majors. The Colorado Rockies standout also won three straight Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards.


Which member of the 3,000-hit club is this?

In the Seattle Mariners' first game of 2019, Ichiro Suzuki started in right field at the age of 45. He played again the next night, but it was the final game of his career, as he announced his retirement later that day.


What's the name of this outfielder who exploded into MLB his first few seasons?

Ryan Braun was yet another player caught up in the steroid scandal that has hurt the game of baseball over the years. He used the drugs during his 2011 MVP season but wasn't suspended until halfway through the 2013 season.


Few pitchers have been as great over the past decade as which one depicted in this image?

Four times throughout his career, Max Scherzer has been the MLB wins leader, including the 2018 season. He also led the National League in strikeouts for three straight seasons from 2016 until 2018.


Have you seen enough baseball to identify this third baseman?

Before his MLB career began, Josh Donaldson played college baseball at Auburn University, where he spent time at both third base and catcher. After leaving college in 2007, he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs with the 48th pick.


Are you able to name this player coming off a World Series title?

David Price was forced to miss large segments of the 2017 season due to an elbow injury that affected his pitching. He returned to form in 2018, earning the honor of AL Comeback Player of the Year.


How familiar are you with this player who made his MLB debut in 2011?

Paul Goldschmidt was added to the St. Louis Cardinals' roster prior to the 2019 season after being traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Cardinals quickly secured him longterm by adding five years to his contract.


One of the best shortstops in the game, what's this player's name?

Troy Tulowitzki achieved one of the rarest feats in baseball when he turned an unassisted triple play on April 27, 2007, against the Atlanta Braves. He performed the feat after catching a line drive before touching second base and tagging a runner out.


Do you recognize this two-time member of the All-World Baseball Classic Team?

Yadier Molina has been part of two World Series championships, both with the St. Louis Cardinals. He won his first title in 2006 in a five-game series against the Detroit Tigers and his second title in 2011 in a seven-game series against the Texas Rangers.


You'll have to think back if you want to identify which player shown here?

When discussing the greatest pitchers of all time, Randy Johnson's name comes up over and over and for good reason. "The Big Unit," as he was called, won five Cy Young Awards, a World Series MVP, pitched a perfect game and earned a Triple Crown.


Who is this All-Star often referred to as a utility player?

In his second of back-to-back World Series titles, Ben Zobrist was named the 2016 World Series MVP after helping the Chicago Cubs defeat the Cleveland Indians in seven games. The victory gave the Cubs their first title since 1908, which was the longest championship drought in MLB.


Can you name this player who signed with the Washington Nationals as an international free agent?

When Juan Soto made his MLB debut on May 20, 2018, as a pinch hitter, he was the youngest player in MLB at 19 years old. He started the next game, where he became the youngest player in Washington Nationals history to hit a home run.


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