Quiz: Can You Identify These Modern-Day Christian Songs?
Can You Identify These Modern-Day Christian Songs?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Christian songs are widely sung throughout the world and are used for penitence, worship, praise or lamentation. Most Christian songs are focused on declaring praises to God, with a declarative song it sings of the goodness and mercies of God and exaltation of his holy name. 

Christian songs are not specific to any one genre; instead, they can cross into any genre of music. Most individuals use the lyrics of the song to establish whether it is a Christian song or not. Christian songs can have upbeat tempos inclusive of instruments like the organ, piano, or drums and are generally coupled with beautiful vocal harmonies or insightfully rapped lyrics. But you already knew this right?

Modern-day Christian songs have firm roots in pop, blues, rap, and metal music. The key focus of a Christian song being delivered through rap is its delivery of genuine Christian based lyrics. One key player within Christian rap is Lecrae with his popular song ‘Don’t Waste Your Life.’

Christian Pop songs also offer a vessel for spreading Christian ideals with a focus on catchy lyrics; these songs are played widely on popular radio stations. Notable modern day Christian pop groups and singers include Tenth Avenue North, Britt Nicole, Sanctus Real, and Brandon Heath. 

With the ability to transcend any genre, Christian songs have become more entertaining and easily accessible to the younger generation. What we want to know is whether you know enough about the songs that exist today to identify them from just a lyric. Let's find out.

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