Can You Identify These Movies From Their Iconic Weapons?

By: Robin Tyler

In the 1980s, Jason Voorhees scared millions around the globe in the Friday the 13th franchise. With his hockey mask, Jason was pretty scary, especially when wielding his brutal machete, which he used to kill his victims.

Like Zorro, Robin Hood has been the subject of many Hollywood movies. Perhaps one of the best was "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" from the early 1990s. Starring Kevin Costner, it obviously saw Robin Hood use his iconic longbow. Just for that reason, we can forgive his American accent.

"Death Proof" sees Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) use his specially modified Chevy Nova and Dodge Charger to kill young actresses in staged car accidents. Only from the mind of Quentin Tarantino, right?

Captain America's virtually indestructible shield is nothing short of awesome. Not only can it defend him, but when he throws it, it doubles as a weapon. Plus it comes back like a boomerang!

Ah, good only Indy. Harrison Ford has had the chance to play some of the best characters, hasn't he? Of course, Indiana Jones would never be without his whip, if he can help it. Did you know that Indy's whip is made from kangaroo leather?

A typical '80s horror movie, "Evil Dead" spawned (see what I did there?) into a cult series and now a TV show. Main character Ash dispenses of the dead with a chainsaw attached to the stump of his hand. It can help him make other weapons as well.

Not a weapon per se, but the only way to get rid of pesky ghosts in New York in the 1980s, the proton pack was a portable particle-accelerator system. Generating a proton beam, it held ghosts in place, allowing for them to be captured.

In 1977, after kids around the world watched "Star Wars: A New Hope," they all wanted a lightsaber. All grown up today, they all still want a lightsaber ... well, I do! A sword from the future, lightsabers not only look cool, they sound incredible!

The original "Alien" certainly had it all: suspense, cool characters and a monster to scare you to death! But of course, Sigourney Weaver's character, Ripley, had us all covered in the end. And one of her weapons of choice was the M41A pulse rifle, which could fire 99 rounds as well as grenades.

We all remember that famous line from "Dirty Harry," so perfectly delivered by Clint Eastwood. And Harry Callahan's weapon of choice was a Smith & Wesson Model 29 simply known as a Magnum.

James Bond villains have been plentiful, but he always gets the better of them. None of them quite had a weapon like Scaramanga (played by Christopher Lee), though. A golden gun! Firing a single golden bullet, the gun could be broken down into other useful things like a lighter, cuff link and fountain pen.

A classic '90s horror film! After losing his hand to a mob, Candyman (Tony Todd) has a vicious hook attached in its place, and now, urban legends suggest he can be summoned by saying his name five times in front of a mirror. Candyman's hook is certainly very vicious looking.

Who can forget the classic line from Al Pacino in "Scarface?" "Say hello to my little friend!" And Tony Montana's little friend was pretty dangerous. It was an M161-A complete with a grenade launcher attachment.

Force field, jet boots and a beam weapon from the chest—no wonder Iron Man loves his suit so much! And let's be honest, it's pretty cool and a weapon in its own right.

A phaser from the Star Trek movie franchise is pretty unique. Of course, it could kill a victim outright, but it can also be set to stun, just in case you need to capture a galaxy outlaw.

Hollywood hasn't give Judge Dredd his due respects as yet. Sure Stallone played him (badly), but he took off his helmet. In the comics, Dredd has never been seen without a helmet, even in the bath. His weapon, however, was cool. A Lawgiver, the standard pistol given to Judges, can fire a range of bullets, from heat-seeking to those that ricochet.

What a weapon! Chewbacca's bow caster from the Star Wars movies is a crossbow that fires lasers. Who can't fall in love with that? Storm troopers, that's who.

Nothing can be as powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet worn by Thanos in "Avengers: Infinity Wars." I mean, he made half the galaxy vanish and took out many superheroes in the process. And he can teleport with it!

Who doesn't love the Men in Black movie franchise? It's chock full of cool characters, aliens and plenty of futuristic weapons. The Noisy Cricket wielded by Agent J (Will Smith) in "Men in Black" is something special. Ridiculously small, it fires a massive plasma ball that you definitely want to get out of the way of!

The Good Samaritan is Hellboy's weapon of choice. And it's a holy weapon which incorporates wood from the cross of Christ, metal from bells of an Irish church and even crucifixes that have been crushed. You need that when you fight demons, that is for sure.

"Krull" is a fantasy movie from the early 1980s. Starring Ken Marshall, who plays Prince Colwyn, "Krull" features a fairly unique weapon. Called a glaive, it looks like a starfish—a sharp starfish. Thrown at enemies, it has a boomerang effect as well, returning to the person who tossed it.

A weapon wielded by Deckard (Harrison Ford), this weapon is called the PKD Blaster. This is the standard-issue blaster gun given to Los Angeles police officers in this futuristic movie.

The ZF1 is a futuristic weapon that can do it all. Seen in "The Fifth Element," it's able to launch arrows and ice and spit flame. Who doesn't want one of those?

Although the ARC gun can only be used by aliens in "District 9," the game change when Wikus' (Sharlto Copley) mutation allows him to start using the weapon. And that makes him wanted by the state, as they want to use the technology too.

Monty Python sure is a funny bunch, and their full-length movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" features the Holy Grenade of Antioch. And what is it for? I quote, "That thou mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits."

The scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger uses his head bomb is pretty awesome, especially given that this was 1990. In fact, the movie won a Special Achievement award for its visual effects at the 1990 Academy Awards.

Captain Jack Sparrow, the greatest pirate of them all! And his weapon of choice when not running away is probably a flintlock pistol! As we said, when he's NOT running away ...

The movie "Doom" is based on a 1990s game of the same name. It too featured the BFG, or "Big ******* Gun." Firing a green plasma orb, it can destroy anything within 50 feet of the orb's impact point. Useful!

An absolute classic from the 1980s, "RoboCop" is a futuristic lawman, part human and part machine. And his weapon? Well, it's a handgun named the Auto 9 and is actually a modified Beretta 93R pistol. And what's even cooler is that it fits into a compartment in RoboCop's leg.

Who can forget Freddy Krueger's glove with the blades attached from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise? Not only could it carve up victims but also make that terrible sound when dragged down a blackboard!

The iconic weapon of Han Solo, this heavy blaster was way more accurate than anything a Stormtrooper carried! And it's the perfect weapon for a swashbuckling rogue-like character that Harrison Ford plays.

Name a more iconic movie sword ... I'll wait. Seriously, though, the Bride's sword is not only a beautiful weapon but very deadly, as the mass fight at the House of Blue Leaves showed.

The T800s shotgun wielded by Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator 2" punched holes in his nemesis, the T-9000. And yet it kept on coming! That wasn't the shotgun's fault, though! Perhaps the coolest shot, however, is when Arnie blows open a lock on some gates while driving his Harley!

Called Mjolnir, this hammer can only be wielded by Thor and makes appearances in many movies, including the Avenger series and the Thor standalone movies. And of course, it has a boomerang effect when thrown.

In Hollywood terms, we first saw Wolverine's claws in 2000's "X-Men." Made from adamantium, nothing can withstand these claws! Perfect weapons for one of the most hardcore mutants ever!

Quentin Tarantino has given us some classic movies over the past three decades, and most of them include protagonists with weapons. Nothing, however, is as amazing as the leg gun used by Cherry Darling's (Rose McGowan) in "Planet Terror." And the gun? Well, it's a Bushmaster carbine machine gun with a grenade-launcher attachment.

One of the most powerful wizards in Middle Earth, Gandalf used his staff time and time again during the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And what makes it awesome? Well, most of the time he looks like an old man using it as a walking stick ... but when he starts to wield it, his power is there for all to see.

Certainly one of the more interesting weapons ever seen in a movie, the bolt pistol used by Javier Bardem's character in "No Country for Old Men" is certainly different but very effective. In the movie, it's called a captive bolt stunner, but in real life, we call it a cattle gun.

A cult classic, "Shaun of the Dead" is set in England during a Zombie apocalypse. Instead of giving Shaun, played by Simon Pegg, a regular weapon, like a gun, the movie uses a typical English piece: a cricket bat. And it certainly does a fine job on the zombies!

There have been plenty of Zorro movies over the years, but those starring Antonio Banderas certainly had the coolest weapons. Zorro's main weapon of choice is a rapier. 38 inches in length, it's kept in a beautiful black-and-silver scabbard. Of course, it is super sharp; how could Zorro mark his trademark "Z" on everything otherwise?

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There's nothing like grabbing the popcorn and watching a Hollywood blockbuster, is there? Not only do we get to see amazing actors and actresses, but these movies transport us away into another world. 

If you're anything like me, when watching an action, sci-fi or fantasy movie, it's not only about the stars on show, it's about the awesome weapons they use! Take a movie series like The Lord of the Rings. Each character had their own unique weapon, even those with smaller parts. And so much time and effort went into creating those weapons. In fact, if you own a Blu-ray or DVD copy of those movies, some insight is given into how it all was done on the special features (called the Appendices in this instance!).

Some movie weapons become so iconic that there is even a massive demand for replicas—unsharpened and with no bullets, of course. Just think of the lightsaber from one of the most iconic space franchises of all time, Star Wars. Who doesn't want a replica of that? Merchandise really has become a massive business.

So, in this quiz, we want to see who much you remember in terms of iconic movie weapons. We show you an image of the weapon, and you tell us in which movie it appeared. Easy enough, right? Well, then put your money where your mouth is and take this quiz!        

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