Quiz: Can You Identify These Mushrooms From an Image?
Can You Identify These Mushrooms From an Image?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Shutterstock

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Commonly believed to be a plant, mushrooms are in fact the “fruits” of fungi, and thus do not photosynthesize and therefore have no chlorophyll. Also referred to as “toadstools," mushrooms have appeared in many fairy tales and now have made their way to the table. Mushrooms have become a common ingredient and home-grown plant worldwide. Although a fungus, only a few mushrooms are inedible due to their poisonous nature.

They are usually white or beige in color and usually grow in groups. Instead of feeding on sun rays, mushrooms break down dead plants for food. Scientifically, this makes them saprophytes.The most common mushrooms used in food are the truffles, morels and white mushrooms. Truffles are unique and rarely found well below the ground. There, they maintain a symbiotic relationship with trees. Due to the difficulty in harvesting them, truffles are very expensive. White mushrooms are perhaps the most common edible mushrooms. they are readily available in grocery stores fresh and canned. They are also called table mushrooms. Morels slightly resemble brain coral. They have dark cones and short stalks. They are more expensive than white mushrooms and have a nutty taste. They are found near forested areas.

If you didn't know these tiny mushroom tidbits, you're in for a doozy in this quiz. Do you have what it takes to grow and identify this fungus? Or will they take over your home?

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