Can You Identify These On-Screen Zombies?

By: Becky Stigall

A cheerleader fights zombies all over Sunnydale in which show?

Zombies... vampires... they're all the walking dead. Buffy hunts for zombies in episode two of season three, "Dead Man's Party."

A zombie and a ghost are featured in what television show?

"Acting Dead" is a show about Tate Blodgett, a zombie, and Alex Carbonneux, a ghost. Both are trying to make sense of their new lifestyles - apparently without the help of Beetlejuice's "Handbook for the Newly Deceased."

We're gearing up for the next season of what show, based on the Sam Raimi cult classic film?

"Ash vs Evil Dead" is based on the "Evil Dead" trilogy of films. Both the movies and the show star Bruce Campbell.

Sam and Dean dig up a zombie in what show?

Sam and Dean go zombie hunting in Season two, episode 4. The episode was entitled "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things."

Zoe and the witches fight zombies on what show?

The witches of Coven fight zombies in season three, episode five. The episode is entitled "Burn, Witch. Burn!"

Lisa, Bart, Homer and Marge get a taste of zombies on what TV show?

Season 25, episode 18 is entitled "Days of Future Future." Lisa's husband has been bitten by a zombie. Should she save him?

We all knew the zombie reprieve had to be temporary on which show?

Season five, episode 15 is all about the zombies. The episode is entitled "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid."

Is the "Big Brother" house really where you want to be stranded in a zombie apocolypse?

"Dead Set" was a five-episode show that aired in 2008. The show, aptly, aired in October.

What show features the LAPD hunting zombies?

"Death Valley" lasted only one season. Not sure where they went wrong.

Edward Ralston wants his wife brought back to life on what show?

This "Masters of Horror" episode is titled "Haeckel's Tale." You can find it in season one, episode 12 of the series.

How many times does Kenny need to die on this show?

In season one, episode seven, Kenny becomes a zombie. The episode is entitled "Pinkeye."

Researchers battle vectors on what show?

"Helix" was a short-lived television series on Syfy, starting in 2014. The show was cancelled after two seasons.

David Boreanaz fights the undead on what show?

Season three, episode 12 featured Angel vs. zombies. The episode was entitled "Provider."

What animated Japanese show pitted teens against zombies?

"Highschool of the Dead" is called "Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead" in Japan. The show had 13 episodes

Mulder and Skully did get a chance to battle zombies on what show?

Season seven, episode 19 pits the duo against the undead. The episode is entitled "Hollywood A.D."

Dead soldiers come to life in what show?

"Masters of Horror" season one, episode six sees soldiers killed in Iraq coming back to life. The episode is entitled "Homecoming."

What web series is all about the walking dead?

"Raised By Zombies" is a web series with episodes that run under three minutes long. You can find the show on YouTube.

The zombie apocalypse has made it onto what game show?

"I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse" airs in the U.K. The show was filmed in Scotland.

The Rising is the mark of the zombie apocalypse on what television show?

"In the Flesh" is a U.K. supernatural drama. The show has been cancelled after only two seasons.

Medical resident Olivia navigates the world of the undead on what show?

Olivia - Liv Moore - lives on brains in "iZombie." The zombies aren't all evil in this show.

Is Sheila really a zombie on this Netflix show?

"Santa Clarita Diet" stars Drew Barrymore as Sheila. Timothy Olyphant plays her husband, Joel.

Sunnydale High School is covered in body parts on what show?

In season two, episode two of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Buffy battles zombies. The episode is entitled "Some Assembly Required."

Zombie police officers target homeless kids on what show?

Angel battles zombies in season two, episode 14. The episode is entitled "The Thin Dead Line."

Bart and Lisa unleash zombies on Springfield on what show?

Episode five of season four features Bart and Lisa and zombies. The episode is entitled "Treehouse of Horror III."

What Swedish television show features a TV show about a TV show?

"The Last Reality Show" kills off one character on each episode. The show ran for one season.

Mark Lilly has a zombie roommate on what show?

"Ugly Americans" is an animated comedy. The show ran for only two seasons, but spawned a video game.

Do Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper really battle zombies on this show?

In "The Unquiet Dead," Rose and the Doctor go up against the undead. But are these really zombies?

Dean's Halloween party goes awry in what show?

In season two, episode six of the show, Dean feeds his party guests bad... something. The episode is entitled "Epidemiology."

Currently the reigning star of zombie shows, what television drama features Rick Grimes?

Ok, this one was a gimme. You're not a true zombie fan if you got it wrong.

Murphy carries the zombie virus on what show?

"Z Nation" features, Murphy, an unwilling participant in an experiment to cure the zombie virus. Murphy must now save the world.

What TV show is a prequel to "The Walking Dead"?

Yup, another gimme. For some viewers, this show has now surpassed the original.

Monsters and zombies and werewolves, oh my! What show features them all?

Buffy meets zombies again in season three, episode 13. The episode is entitled "The Zeppo."

The Beast raises the dead in what show?

Angel fights all sorts of demons and zombies in season four, episode eight. The episode is entitled Habeas Corpses.

Which show is billed as the first broadcast zombie-based television series?

"Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead" was created by and stars Patrick Devaney. The show had 20 episodes.

Mulder and Skully fight zombies and other assorted creepy crawlies, on what show?

Mulder and Skully battle zombies in season seven, episode four. The episode is entitled "Millennium."

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