Quiz: Can You Identify These Parts on the Outside of a Car?
Can You Identify These Parts on the Outside of a Car?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The first cars were very simple.

They basically were a motor attached to an open top carriage. Those carriages were similar to horsedrawn carriages. Let's just say that vehicle design wasn't a big thing back in the day! 

As time went on, however, the motor car became far more complicated. Of course, the most complications were mechanical. The internal combustion engine was improved, leading to more power, torque and of course, speed.

But vehicle design also came on in leaps and bounds. As cars became faster, drivers needed protection from wind (and bugs) and so the windshield was born. More cars on the road meant that safety became important. Things like the side mirror helped in that regard. And what about bumpers? These were initially designed to protect a car in a collision, although today, they have changed significantly. 

Although your car won't go anywhere if you have major internal car part problems, the external parts are just about as important for your safety and others on the road around you. 

So let's cut to the chase. For this quiz, we are going to test your knowledge of external car parts. Let's see how many you can identify correctly. Of course, many are obvious, but don't get too confident.

Good luck.

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