Quiz: Can You Identify These Red Logos from a Closeup?
Can You Identify These Red Logos from a Closeup?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Wiki Commons via Toyota / Brands of the World

About This Quiz

Red is the color of energy, action and boldness, so it's no surprise why it's such a popular color for logos! Whether it's your favorite color or not, do you think you can identify all the red logos in this quiz?

Of the highest-earning companies, red is the second-most popular logo color behind blue. Blue parallels red in a lot of ways and conveys feelings of security, serenity and sympathy. Meanwhile, red logos are usually used by companies offering excitement and adventure. This allows for some pretty interesting combinations when both are used in a logo!

The color's energetic connotations are the reason why 99% of "SALE" signs are written in red. Companies have to be careful, though, because too much or too bright of a red can irritate the eye and make someone want to avoid the red image! Red also causes your heart rate to increase which means - if used in the wrong way - it may trigger feelings of danger. We hope no logos in this quiz raise any red flags for you!

Bright reds like scarlet practically scream "energy!" while darker shades like burgundy exude more sophistication. We have plenty of brands that fit both descriptions in this quiz. Can you think of any? 

There's a million shades with different meanings, but that's enough with the color talk - let's cut through the red tape and get on with the quiz!

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