Quiz: Think You Can Sense The Right Sci-Fi Movie When Shown Only One Screenshot?
Think You Can Sense The Right Sci-Fi Movie When Shown Only One Screenshot?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: media library

About This Quiz

Are you a science fiction fan? Can you name all of the movies in this screenshot quiz? Let's get started to find out just how much you know.

Science fiction movies allow us to fantasize about how life would be in different worlds, on different planets, and in different eras. Interestingly, after watching most science fiction movies that have been made, we, as humans, pretty much must assume that these worlds, planets, and eras are going to be terrifying. Most science fiction movies are downright terrifying.

Take "Alien," for example. "Alien" first hit the big screen in 1979 and has blown into a whole franchise of movies, books, toys, and more. The movie franchise itself includes a series of six "Alien" movies and three movies that pit Aliens against Predators. The "Alien" movies have all starred Sigourney Weaver as Officer Ellen Louise Ripley and they have been directed by Ridley Scott. The role earned Weaver an Academy Award for Best Actress. The original movie's budget maxed out at eleven million dollars, but the film earned as much as $200 million at the box office and is ranked by several sources as one of the best science fiction movies of all time.

Can you ace this science fiction quiz? Let's find out.

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