Quiz: Can You Identify These Serial Killers From One Fact?
Can You Identify These Serial Killers From One Fact?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you an expert on serial killers? Prove it.

Anyone who watches "Criminal Minds" knows that the episodes are often based on real-life serial killers. And, since the show has run for nearly 300 episodes, it is clear that the minds of these criminals have given the show plenty of fodder to choose from. Certainly we know that serial killers have existed since the beginning of time, yet the term "serial killer" is relatively new. In general, a serial killer is one who kills more than three people over a period of time. This distinction is different from a spree killer, who may kill several people, but who does so over a short period of time, and the mass killer, who kills several people (or more) at the same time. Serial killers were once called mass killers, until this new definition was put into place.

Serial killers kill for many reasons, including anger, thrills and money, but their reasons nearly always involve some sort of psychological component. Serial killers also tend to have a specific signature, or way of doing things, that remains relatively constant across each of their crimes.

Thinks you know all there is to know about serial killers? See if you can identify each of these.

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