Quiz: Can You Identify These State Seals?
Can You Identify These State Seals?
By: Bambi Turner

About This Quiz

The United States of America is made up of 50 states, each of which has its own seal which represents its individual culture, heritage and ideals. It is seen in many places, one of which includes the authentication of government or legal documents such as patents for land from the government as well as for commercial purposes.

The seals predate the use of state flags and were first introduced by the original thirteen states, which created their own after declaring their independence from England. The other states quickly followed suit as not too long after, they joined the union. Since then, many have been modified from their original versions several times, while others have remained the same.

Inscribed onto each insignia, is the state’s name and motto which captures the states’ individuality and conveys its political stance. Also incorporated onto the seal, is a depiction of the coat of arms or state map, and on some, the inclusion of important historical moments such as the date of officially declaring independence or introduction into the union. Others, such as Texas, feature a back side, which is known as the reverse.

If you were given a picture of the state seal, would you be able to correctly match it to its state? The only way to find out just how many you can correctly identify is to take this quiz!

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