Quiz: Can You Identify These Statues From the United Kingdom?
Can You Identify These Statues From the United Kingdom?
By: Valerie

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Home of the English language, the United Kingdom is a country rich in not only culture but history. Its centuries-old buildings, diverse populations and popular cities such as London, Swansea, Edinburgh and Manchester make it a top choice for travelers. The United Kingdom is home to many popular statues, a few of which are listed below:

Near the home of his creator JM Barrie in Kensington Park, London, stands the statue of Peter Pan playing the flute. The statue was designed by George Frampton. In the city of Birmingham stands the Bull of Birmingham, which is a very popular photo background for visitors to the city. The statue of England’s 19th-century ruler, Queen Victoria, is located in Southport. It serves as a reminder of her contributions to the British economy during her reign, which is believed to have been the country’s most prosperous era. In the city of Dundee, Scotland, the statues of popular British comic character Desperate Dundee along with his pal Dawg stands erect. Annie Moore, a young girl, and her two brothers were the first Irish to arrive in the United States, doing so in 1891. In her honor, a statue of Annie Moore and her two brothers stands in Cobh, Ireland.

But describing a statue and recognizing it from a picture are two different things. Can you do the former and ace our quiz? Let's find out right now!

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