Quiz: Can You Identify These Unpopular Cars From the '80s?
Can You Identify These Unpopular Cars From the '80s?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Jean Housen via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Start your engines!  We're going to look at the cars driven by the people wearing parachute pants, jelly shoes and Chess King fashions!

Absolutely no one can deny that the '80s still remains as one of the most iconic decades throughout the history of the automotive industry. However, it is obviously to be expected that this iconic status doesn't simply mean that everything was perfect and positive throughout this decade. Like the decades that came before it and the decades that followed to the present day, the automotive industry in the '80s had its fair share of negatives, failures, flops and closures. The North American automotive market was actually just recovering from the influx of imports from Europe and Asia.

In this retro automotive quiz, we've taken a look through the entire decade and selected some of the most unpopular cars that were available at that time. These are the financial failures, the negatively acclaimed, the under-performers, and the ones that caused their companies to go out of business! Are you ready to put your knowledge of automotive history to the ultimate test? Then let's get started right now!

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