Quiz: Can You Identify These Vintage WWII Pinup Girls?
Can You Identify These Vintage WWII Pinup Girls?
By: Staff Author
Image: Wiki Commons via MGM studio promo portrait

About This Quiz

The life of a soldier can be a lonely one, but the rise of the photograph brought a new way for soldiers to feel a little bit less isolated: the pinup girl! These buxom ladies provided great solace for an entire generation of young men who were so very far away from home. Their winsome smiles were available to men of all colors and creeds, of handsome gents and dapper Dans as well as hard luck palookas who looked like they'd gotten their faces run over by a Tiger tank. There was no discrimination. But the boys discriminated, that's for sure! They each had their favorite Hollywood lady to hang in their locker and whisper sweet nothings to. 

War is a devastating business, and these pinups gave a bunch of poor American kids something to dream about. For a few minutes' work, these actresses gave an awful lot of happiness to some young soldiers who were very far away from home. And to have done that for some scared kids who were thrust into the fight of their lives, that was a true kindness, probably more than the actresses and models themselves ever knew.

How many of these locker room goddesses do you recognize? From models, to dancers, to stars of the silver screen, they're all here. Can you identify these WW2 pinups?

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