Quiz: Can You Identify These Welding Tools?
Can You Identify These Welding Tools?
By: Olivia C
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Are you familiar with welding tools? Those who know welding like the back of their hand should ace this quiz, like easily!

Those who are new to welding can also give this quiz a try. There's nothing like learning a new trade to perform many other tricks in life. And welding sure is one trick that makes things happen. 

What is welding? For those who ask, it's the process of fusing together two elements, usually metals. Have you seen those workers with dark masks, holding a gun-like contraption that produces various sparks of light? While those sparks of light are very cool to see and witness, they are also very, very, very hot! Welding is all about burning metals to some degree, in order for them to weld together. And when they cool off, then another form is, well, formed!

In today's post-industrial world, there are various types of welding processes. The most commonly known all around the world is MIG welding, meaning Metal Inert Gas. Even if your knowledge of welding revolves around this process, that's fine. We'll include the most basic and common welding tools here, for the fun quiz.

So, ready to fuse your knowledge here? Let's try it out!

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