Can You Identify These Welding Tools?

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Wear one, always! What is it?

The welding helmet is an indispensable protective gear for this industry. Make sure to get the auto-darkening one for better performance.

It's the heart of the operation. What is it called?

There are different types of welding machines according to various uses. The MIG welding machine is the most commonly used.

It separates, therefore the name. What is this called?

A cutting torch is used to precisely do that: cut metal. To be more precise, it blows up a hole in the metal, therefore cutting it that way.

It can cut and polish. What is it?

An angle grinder has different kinds of discs attached to it. Depending on its use, this tool is primarily used after the welding has been done.

It's a long loop! What is it?

Welding wire is the spooled supply of wire used to basically weld things. This is what gets heated up during the welding process.

To protect welders, what is this thing they wear?

A welding jacket is necessary to shield and protect the welder from the heat.

To handle heated materials, welders use this. What is it?

Welding pliers are used for various reasons during the welding process. Primarily, some pliers are used to cut the welding wire.

They make a darn good point. What are they?

Welders use different kinds of drill bits for their work. These small things are very tough and hard!

What do you call this important protective gear?

Just like any kind of shop work, welders also need to protect their hands. But welding gloves are quite tricky to use, because they're not too comfy most times.

Where the action happens, what do you call this set-up?

A welding table is needed for basic kinds of welding projects. A newbie welder can set up one in his or her shop.

It cuts hard! What is it called?

Make sure to get a metal band saw for cutting metal. However, some welders say that a wood band saw is OK, too, but you should do more research about that first.

It's a state of the matter to use this. What is it?

A shielding gas is used when you do MIG welding or TIG welding. These come in inert or semi-inert gas form.

This protective gear is called what?

A grinding visor is used when handling an angle grinder. You don't want any flecks or specks to fly into your face, now, do you?

What is this called?

According to experts, a stick welding electrode is also known as a filler rod. Whatever the name, it's this long thing that the welding machine heats up, like really, really hot!

This clean-up tool is called what?

The chipping hammer is used to remove welding slag that might have formed during the welding process. It does so by chipping it away.

For extra cleaning, this is used. What is it?

Experts advise welders to use steel wire brushes for their work. The stainless steel brush is not recommended, though.

For smoother surfaces, you can use this tool. What is it called?

A hand file is handy to smooth any rough edge in some metal work. They come in a variety of sizes.

This measuring device is called what?

A caliper is handy to easily measure the thickness of something. For welders, it's the metal sheet thickness, or a pipe's diameter.

Write it! What is this?

Permanent markers are used by welders to mark something onto a clean surface. They often recommend a Sharpie for this.

To secure stuff, use this tool. What is it?

A standard clamp is also called a C-clamp. They can securely hold surfaces when needed.

To hold it and widen it, this is used. What is it?

As the name suggests, the spreader clamp holds things tightly together. But it also has that spreading mechanism that makes it more flexible.

This latest dimension of cutting is called what?

Plasma cutters are good to have for certain custom-made work. However, this is rather expensive.

This cutting tool is called what?

A nibbler is like a scissors-type of tool that cuts finely. It's used for really thinner metal sheets.

To drive home the point, use this. What is it?

The drill is also an indispensable tool to have for welding needs. You might need it somewhere during the duration of the project.

Pop it out with this. What is it called?

Some people call it the pry bar, others call it the pinch bar. It's somewhat a cousin of the crowbar.

Welders need this to weld something! What is it called?

Steel is basically what welders work on. Experts suggest to look at raw steel closely before purchasing, to know whether it was hot rolled or cold rolled.

Protect your irises! What is this called?

Safety glasses should still be worn even if one is wearing a welding helmet. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Mother nature's special marker is called what?

A soapstone is primarily made up of talc mineral. When you mark the metal with it, it won't disappear, even when it gets heated.

This marker is called what?

A scriber or a scribe is basically a steel tool that is used to etch a mark on metal. It belongs under the category of welding markers.

To juice up everything, what's this that you need?

A welding power supply is the specialized power source for welding needs. It needs to supply the various kinds of welding machine classifications, so check if the machines are constant current or constant voltage.

These are for temporary attachments. What are they called?

In some welding processes, welding magnets are used to hold two pieces together. It's a more secure way of making it stand still while you weld.

Because hearing is sensitive, what are these that welders use?

Ear protection is important gear for welders. The noise is unbelievable!

It's not to beautify the windows! What is it?

Welding curtains are special tough curtains that are usually transparent. They prevent flying sparks from reaching further than necessary.

To measure lengthy things, welders use this. What is it?

A tape measure is an indispensable tool for any kind of measuring. The retractable ones are the favorite among workers.

It needs to be strong when doing its job. What is it?

A metal ruler is handy whenever you need to take small measurements. It needs to be metal, though, if you're measuring metal things.

To hold things better, use these. What are they called?

There are several types of vise grips in the market. Try to use the ones designed specifically for sheet metal work.

This measuring tool is called what?

A metal T-square is handy to have in a welding shop. It's for more accurate measurements.

Welders need special pairs of these. What are they?

Welders need to be extra careful that their work shoes are made of durable materials. They could melt, too, you know!

This cutting tool is called what?

A hacksaw cuts thin rods easily. It could also be used to saw pipes or tubes.

This is really needed anywhere you are. What is it?

There should be a fire extinguisher as part of the work space for welding. You never know when this will come in handy.

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What is welding? For those who ask, it's the process of fusing together two elements, usually metals. Have you seen those workers with dark masks, holding a gun-like contraption that produces various sparks of light? While those sparks of light are very cool to see and witness, they are also very, very, very hot! Welding is all about burning metals to some degree, in order for them to weld together. And when they cool off, then another form is, well, formed!

In today's post-industrial world, there are various types of welding processes. The most commonly known all around the world is MIG welding, meaning Metal Inert Gas. Even if your knowledge of welding revolves around this process, that's fine. We'll include the most basic and common welding tools here, for the fun quiz.

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