Quiz: Can You Identify This Famous Person From Their Statue?
Can You Identify This Famous Person From Their Statue?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Let's ROCK this quiz! If we travel around the world, we'd find many rock and stone statues that have been created for some of the biggest figures in history. From Abraham Lincoln to Jesus Christ, could you recognize the famous person from their statue?

When one thinks of the monuments and landmarks of most countries, statues probably account for over half of them. There's something about carving someone into stone that has tourists flocking all over the world! A quick trip around the world would leave you with statues of both religious and political figures. Can you recognize them?

The United States has statues dedicated to many of its presidents, the most popular statue being a large one sitting in Washington, D.C. for Abraham Lincoln. You'd also find large statues for figures like Martin Luther King, Jr.

While the United States has statues for political leaders, all around the rest of the world, you'd find them for religious leaders. One would find a large, 100-foot-tall statue in Rio de Janeiro of Jesus Christ, the pillar of the Christian faith. In India, one would find the Great Buddha statue, created for Gautama Buddha, whose teaching founded Buddhism.

All around the world, these statues might be well known, but when given an image, could you match them to the proper person? There's only one way to find out!

Will your score be so perfect that we make a statue of you? Let's go!

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