Quiz: Can You Match Each Surname to Its Country of Origin?
Can You Match Each Surname to Its Country of Origin?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.” And when it comes to the medieval adventurer, that may be true. But what we do know about our hero's surname, Snow, is that it’s not very popular – it barely cracks the top 4,000 when compared to the other last names on Earth. We also know that Snow has its origins in Old English language…and thus, it originated on the European continent.

Do you have any idea where your own surname originates? Or are you still convinced that “Smith” probably pinpoints your ancestors somewhere in the area of Moscow?

Last names offer incredible clues and insights into everyone who has one. It says something about where your ancestors lived and maybe even what they did to make a living. Even the particular spelling of a surname changes, depending on the movements of peoples around the world.

Digging into the origins of last names doesn’t just reveal a geological place, it unearths a whole subculture that’s affected by economics, politics, and even war. As a result, many families changed their last names (or altered the spelling) to make themselves more acceptable in new societies.

So whether you’re a Smith or Sitnikov, your name tells a story. Take our quiz and see if you can match these surnames to the places they came from!

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