Can You Match Mother Daughter Duo to the TV Show?

Teresa McGlothlin

The series starring this mother-daughter duo debuted in 2000. Can you name it?

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are the title characters from the show, "Gilmore Girls". The pop culture-loving duo is the perfect example of how great an open relationship between a mother and a daughter can be. No topic was left undealt with, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward it might have been.

What is the name of the NBC series where you would find this dynamic duo?

Sometimes contentious and sometimes victorious, the relationship between Amber Holt and Sarah Braverman has been put to the test on NBC's "Parenthood." Although the series was updated and modernized, the hit show is a remake and an extension of a 1989 film with the same title.

Do you remember the name of this series from the '90s?

Even though they were separated at birth, it's nothing but fun times and laugh-out-loud moments when twins Tia and Tamera are with their mother figure, Lisa Landry. "Sister, Sister" was a '90s sitcom staple that began airing in 1994 and ran for six complete seasons.

This mother-daughter duo's show is on its 5th season - which show are they on?

Mother-daughter duo Jane and Xiomara Villanueva are from The CW's hit show "Jane the Virgin." Their roles might seem reversed at times, but Jane is determined to become a success. With the support and love of her mom and her grandmother Alba, Jane takes on the world her own way.

You'll have to head back to the '80s to name the show you see here. Can you figure it out?

Starting in 1984, "Who's the Boss" presented a brand new way to look at the family. "Who's the Boss?" focused mainly on the relationship between Angela and her housekeeper, Tony, and their children. However, Angela's mother, Mona, always brought challenging and hilarious moments to the screen.

Family is everything on this show - which show is it?

On the 90’s sitcom, "Family Matters," the Winslows were a close-knit family with the neighbor you'll never forget - Steve Urkel. Like most mothers and daughters, Harriet and Laura struggle with the day-to-day issues of teenage life, but they always end up learning from one another in the end.

Can you choose the name of this hilarious show about adulting and parenthood?

Christy and Bonnie Plunkett might not have the most traditional mother-daughter relationship, but they are always there for one another. "Mom" is never without its giggle-worthy moments that prove that raising a child is a lifelong activity.

Which animated series is home to this mother and daughter?

Now in its 29th season, "The Simpsons" have remained one of television's favorite families. Fortunately for the male members of the Simpson family, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie Simpson remain grounded. Lisa and Marge are always bailing Homer and Bart out of trouble.

This mother-daughter duo proves that age is just a number - what show are they on?

Dorothy Zbornak and Sophia Petrillo make up the wise-cracking mother-daughter duo on NBC's "The Golden Girls." Dorothy and Rose might have a sassy relationship, but they have a deep bond that keeps roommates Blanche and Rose on their feet.

Which character's name is used for the title of this show with this mother-daughter pair?

Country music singer Reba McIntyre headlines her own show in "Reba." As a single mother to three children with a challenging relationship with her ex and his new wife, Reba remains a positive example to her kids. She has strong and unique relationships with both of her daughters and her son.

You can probably hear this daughter's laugh, but can you name her show?

The only thing more memorable than Fran Drescher's laugh on "The Nanny" is her character's relationship with her mother Sylvia. Despite her overbearing nature, Sylvia values her daughter - even if she does drive her crazy. "The Nanny" ran on television from 1993 to 1999.

What is the name of the "Moesha" spinoff with this mother-daughter team?

"Moesha" spinoff, "The Parkers" features sassy and inseparable mother-daughter pairing of Nikki and Kim Parker. Though they are separated by their ages, it would be hard to find a tighter mother-daughter duo anywhere else on television.

Do you know the name of the emotional show with this mother-daughter pair?

NBC's "This Is Us" never leaves its watchers without an emotional feeling. Although the relationship between Kate and Rebecca Pearson has always been strained, the network promises next season will be even more dramatic. Stay tuned!

Can you figure out the name of the suburban-based show with this mother-daughter duo?

ABC’s "Desperate Housewives" featured a lot of complicated relationships including the mother-daughter duo of Susan and Julie Mayer. As best friends and family, they held each other's deepest secrets and cheered each other on through thick and thin.

Sarah Michelle Gellar heads up the mother-daughter duo on this show. What is it?

One of the strongest relationships on the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is that of Buffy and Joyce Summers. When Buffy first discovered her abilities, she was a little afraid to tell her mother. Once the secret was out, she had nothing but a supportive and loving cheerleader.

Can you spy the name of the show where you will find this mother and daughter?

On the television show "Alias," Irina Derevko and Sydney Bristow are a mother-daughter pair like few others. With secretive lives complicated by spying, espionage, and the CIA, this family relationship proves that apples do not fall far from trees.

The '90s were defined by the show with this mother-daughter duo - which show is it?

On "Beverly Hills, 90210," Jackie and Kelly Taylor are a mother-daughter duo that shows both the love and the trials that families face. Jackie is one of the more fun parents, but their relationship is often strained due to the real-life issue of drug addiction. At times, Kelly appears to be the adult.

Which FOX show featured mother Julie and daughters Marissa and Kaitlin Cooper?

On Fox's "The O.C.," Julie, Marissa and Kaitlin Cooper are three women who shared a strained relationship built for engaging drama. With Julie setting the example, Marissa and Kaitlin were often left to make their own mistakes. Yet, they each shared a special bond no matter what.

What is the name of the show with this sassy mom and daughter?

Bobbi and Grace Adler are a mother-daughter duo that delivers continuous laugh's on television's "Will & Grace." On every block, there is one mom who loves to meddle in her child’s business. In this relationship, it's Bobbi Adler!

This ABC show is on its 5th season, but can you figure it out from this photo?

They may not always see eye to eye, but Zoey and Rainbow Johnson always open up to each other. As a busy mom of four and a doctor, Zoey expects a lot from her children. With her example, they never let her down.

Ariel Winter plays one of the daughters on this show - what is it?

Although Claire and Alex Dunphy are a mother-daughter duo who get along well, they are very different. On television's "Modern Family," Claire is raising two very different daughters and one younger son in a blended family that guarantees a laugh a minute.

Can you choose the correct name for the classic television show with this mom and daughter?

On classic television's "Bewitched," Endora and Samantha are a mother-daughter duo with mischievous, witchy powers. Endora hates the fact that her daughter, Samantha, married a mortal and will stop at nothing to break up their marriage, much to the dismay of her daughter.

Which classic series is home to these lovely daughters and their mom?

In "The Brady Bunch," Carol Brady is a stay-at-home mother to six children, three of which are her daughters named Marcia, Jan, and Cindy. As one of television's first blended families, "The Brady Bunch" enjoyed a run that lasted for five years starting in 1969.

The series with this pair ended in 2018 - can you name it from this photo?

On ABC’s "Once Upon a Time," Emma Swan and Mary Margaret are not your everyday mother-daughter pair! They were friends before finding out that they were related, and they spent a lot of time battling everything from trolls to evil witches together.

Can you name the '70s show you would watch to hear this talented mother-daughter duo sing?

Shirley and Laurie Partridge are only two members of the band and family unit that makes up "The Partridge Family." This 1970s musical sitcom was full of comedy, family drama, and catchy tunes we still remember.

What is the aptly named show starring Mindy Kaling you see in this photo?

Mindy and Sonu Lahiri are the mother-daughter team in Fox's "The Mindy Project." Mindy is a take-charge young doctor, but she still relies on her mother Sonu for advice. Sonu is always happy to provide it!

What series did this extended family foursome appear in?

Rebecca Katsopolis (better known as Aunt Becky) and the Tanner girls are mother and daughter figures from "Full House." Aunt Becky may not be their biological mother, but she is a strong role model. She has been there for the Tanner girls from the moment that she met them.

This mother-daughter duo play in a show narrated by Ron Howard - what show is it?

On the show "Arrested Development," Lindsay and Lucille Bluth aren’t exactly best friends and the lines between family and friendship often get blurred. Despite their differences, the dialogue between them is always unique.

Christina Applegate played the daughter of this duo - which show were they on?

Peggy and Kelly Bundy are the wacky and loveable mom and daughter from the 1980’s sitcom, "Married…with Children." One of the most dysfunctional families on television, Al, Bud, Peggy, and Kelly offered a hilarious take on Midwestern life.

Which British historical drama hosts this mother-daughter team?

In the British series "Downton Abbey," Martha Levinson and Cora Crawley have a challenging mother-daughter relationship. Cora often believes that her mother is too dramatic, and words are always exchanged.

ABC aired the show with this mom and daughter until 2011- what show was it?

ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" ran from 2007-2011. The show's mother-daughter duo, Katherine Anne “Kitty” Walker and Nora Walker, were always full of clashes. Although they shared completely opposite views, they managed to respect one another as people.

What is the name of the girly series with these two actresses?

The CW's "Gossip Girl" featured the mother-daughter duo of Lily and Serena Van Der Woodsen. When it comes to getting the mother of the year award, Lily would not have received a nomination. To be fair, Serena isn’t a gold star daughter either, but they always manage to love each other.

Can you name the Netflix show with this unique mother-daughter combo?

Aleida and Dayanara Diaz are both inmates at the Litchfield Penitentiary and mother and daughter on the Netflix show, "Orange is the New Black." No matter how much Aleida tried to steer Daya in the right direction, Daya's life had other plans.

Juliana Margulies plays the mother of this mom and daughter television duo - which show is it?

Airing until 2016, "The Good Wife" often focused on the dramatic relationship of mother-daughter duo Alicia and Grace Florrick. While the father of the series was off dabbling in the political realm, Alica and her children, Grace, and Florrick, tried to live the best life possible.

Do you know which show was home to this mother and daughter duo?

Tami and Julie Taylor On NBC's "Friday Night Lights,' share a typical parent and teenager relationship. Like most mothers, Tami was concerned about her daughter’s activities, but she was always supportive of her choices in life. The show ran on the network until 2011.

Viewers were shocked when this mother-daughter show ended - what show was it?

As the main characters in "Pretty Little Liars," Ashley and Hanna Marin were known to provide audiences with the dramatic ups and downs of a mother and daughter relationship. Viewers were shocked when the show announced that it would not return for an 8th season.

What is the name of the groovy show with this very opposite mother and daughter pair?

With a lovable cast of characters, "That '70s Show" ran for eight complete seasons. The mother-daughter duo of Kitty and Laurie Foreman could not have been more different. Although Kitty seemed to throw her hands up when it comes to Laurie, Laurie has her father, Red, wrapped around her finger!

This show's spinoff is called "The Connors." What is its name?

Although briefly brought back, "Roseanne" ended for the first time in 1997. Now called "The Conners," the relationship Darlene had with her mother, Roseanne, is now passed down to her children, Harris and Mark.

The show with this mother and daughter is in its 15th season - do you know which show it is?

On television's "Grey's Anatomy," it might be said that Ellis was one of television's toughest mother's. Driven by their own successes, both Meredith and Ellis Grey have very different ways of approaching them.

One half of this mother daughter duo is vampire - can you name the show?

HBO's "True Blood" featured the mother-daughter duo of Lettie Mae and Tara. Lettie Mae, an alcoholic, was also a Bible fanatic who often used the book to tell her daughter, Tara what a sinful life she was living. When she cleaned up her act, the two’s relationship got better but it was nowhere near fixed.

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