Quiz: Can You Match Mother Daughter Duo to the TV Show?
Can You Match Mother Daughter Duo to the TV Show?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: The WB

About This Quiz

The best shows are the ones that you can relate to, right?  When you can put yourself into the shoes of your favorite character and really feel what they're feeling. Those are the shows that you just have to binge watch when you can or, if it's still old school TV, you wait to see each and every week because you need to know what happens next. You experience those highs and lows right alongside everyone and it's like you're almost a part of the action. 

Having a solid relationship between characters is the best way to make you feel something, and what relationships are easier to relate to than mother and daughter ones? Either you totally see your own relationship there or you see the one you wish you had. You may not have a sibling relationship like what you see on TV or some kind of friendship like all the ones you see, but no doubt there's some mother daughter duos that look at least a little familiar. So here's the thing, how many of these duos do you think you know? If you think you know your stuff, why not see how many of these mother daughter dous you can match to the correct TV shows?

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