Quiz: Can You Match These '80s Sitcom Characters to Their Careers?
Can You Match These '80s Sitcom Characters to Their Careers?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Are you a teacher or a doctor? Maybe you sell shoes or work as a musician. When it comes to all the types of job in the world, you'll find them in the characters of '80s sitcoms. From Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls to Jason Seaver in Growing Pains, can you match the '80s sitcom character to his or her career?

Sitcoms of the 1980s are in a class all on their own. Since the shows of the decade focused on the family, it was easy to find career people focused on providing. As is common in the real world, the TV professions heavily mirrored that of real life. You'd have your teachers, doctors, lawyers, and accountants. You might even come across your architects, business owners, and mail carriers. When it comes to the popular characters of the '80s, can you match them to their profession? 

Jason Seaver from Growing Pains and Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show shared the same profession. George Jefferson and Howard Cunningham were both business-owners. What kind of business did they own? The long list of '80s characters ranges from those who were raking in that dough and those who were just trying to make ends meet. From extravagant jobs to day laborers, can you differentiate between these characters and their jobs? Let's find out! 

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