Quiz: Can You Match the '80s Sitcom Character to Their Show?
Can You Match the '80s Sitcom Character to Their Show?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Do you know which beloved '80s series featured Alex P. Keaton or Jack Tripper? Remember the names of the "Golden Girls" or the hard-working ladies of "Designing Women?" If you grew up on '80s TV, you might have what it takes to match these characters to the correct sitcoms!

In 2016, Netflix debuted a series called "Stranger Things" that set off an '80s revival for the ages. The supernatural series was celebrated for its unique storyline, skilled child actors, and perhaps more than anything else for its ability to perfectly capture the feeling of being a kid in the '80s. Fans of the series recognized clothing, furniture and other objects from their childhoods, creating a spot of warmth for long-ago favorites like "The Goonies" or "E.T."

Of course, the '80s was about so much more than great movies, or a certain style; it was also a time of unforgettable television. Dramas like "Hill Street Blues" or "L.A. Law" pushed boundaries, but it was the sitcom that dominated ratings throughout the decade. Families fell in love with the Cosby's, Roseanne, Larry and Balki, the girls of "Full House," and even Alf.

Think you can remember which beloved '80s sitcom these characters appeared on? Take our quiz to find out!

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