Quiz: Can You Match the Baseball Legend to His Team?
Can You Match the Baseball Legend to His Team?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Whether you think of it as America's greatest pastime or simply a reason to sit in the summer sun guzzling beer and chomping nachos, there's no doubt that pro baseball has a unique grip on the nation's consciousness. One of the sport's great selling points is its vast array of colorful and legendary players, who not only made their mark on the diamond but also transcended the league in remarkable ways. Do you think you know these MLB icons?

The roster of legends goes on for pages. There were Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, George Brett, Cy Young, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. Others, like Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout, are still scuffing the ball but have undoubtedly already carved their names into the MLB Hall of Fame. Can you place any of these outstanding men with their teams?

Sure, a lot of players shifted teams during their careers, and even the biggest icons were traded more than once. But each player truly made his mark with one special club. We want to see if you know where these men found the spotlight shining the brightest. Take a swing at our baseball quiz and see if you can match these MLB legends to their teams!

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